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Friday, March 23, 2012

Huey's Manly Movie ~ Alibi fire

Sorry I know I promised to start doing the movie posts again...got side tracked on a little project in the family room this week....here's proof..

Anyways, going to repost a review that I did back before the manly movies posts that I did on Predator...yeah, Arnold and Jesse have become a bit disappointing in their golden years...but the movie itself still rocks after 25 years....

Predator...the most manly movie ever. (from 5/9/11)

What 80's Sci-Fi movie puts 2 future governors - one a champion bodybuilder and the other a former Navy SEAL and professional wrestler, a former porn star so damn crazy a bodyguard was hired to protect the other actor from him, a dude who would be the screenwriter for some of the biggest action films in Hollywood, the man who beat Rocky and a 8 foot tall homicidal alien all in the same film?


And no, I am not talking that messed up 2nd one with Danny "I-love-guns-only-in-movies-that-make-me-money" Glover and Maria Conchita Icantacta either. The original. The one and only original Predator. The movie I saw on my one night off in Infantry OSUT they gave us between when normal Basic Training would have ended and AIT begun. Predator...+11 on the manly man scale.

So manly that watching it is considered hormone therapy. So manly that I can't watch the part when they are flying into enemy territory in the helicopter without getting a woody from testosterone overexposure. So damn manly that...well hell just take a look at this pic...

Predator see us a rollin'..he be hatin'

The movie takes place in Central America, which if you were alive in the 80's knows that was a very bad neighborhood. With Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua being set on "dangerous" for most of the decade, any viewer at the time would of understood the guerrilla rebels in it. Also, despite its age, the special affects (which won academy awards) still stand up to the test of time. Sure some of it looks dated but not to the extent that it detracts from the move. The slight tech age looks is less distracting that a lot of the blatant CGI crap that passes in todays cinema.


Lets take a look at the movies bad ass stars to boot...see, when you start out with bad ass ingredients, bad ass results soon follow...

  • Arnold in his freakin' prime....just look at him, he's so badass that he doesn't even need a shirt, just some black vest thing in the jungle to protect him..Carl Weathers has huge arms..but look at them compared to "Dutch" below..scary, huh? Sure, some of his politics in regards to guns and ammo in Kalifornia may of sucked..but in the 80's there was scarcely an action movie made that he wasn't considered for..
  • Jesse Ventura...a former SEAL carrying a fucking MINI GUN around in the jungle...can you say "heaven help us"? His role was far too short in my honest opinion. He was a self proclaimed "god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus" little known movie fact, this was not a line in the script, Jesse didn't know the cameras were running and was just stating a fact...
  • Sonny Landham...OK, this guy was pure out nuts on the set..the film company hired him a bodyguard...to protect the other actors from him..they were supposedly too afraid to fire him...and his characters gun had its own gun as well..an shotgun on a M16...made mall ninja wet dreams for years after that..and he was bat shit crazy enough in the movie to wear a flak vest the entire time...
  • Bill Duke..a guy who made Arnold look timid standing next to him...a bad ass in the movie that needed to shave constantly because his overwhelming manliness made his beard grow while you looked at him..With one stare of those dead eyes he can freeze water and make all hope of a future disappear from you...
  • Carl Weathers...can you say Apollo Fucking Creed...guy so brash he pranced around in Red, White and blue trunks in Rocky until he got killed by Ivan Drago..again giving my generation one more reason to hate the fucking communists and tear down that damn wall...so bad ass in the movie that he carried TWO HK MP5 sub guns in the film...and we all know in the mid 80's the MP5 was known to take down airliners and small tanks with a single round...Billy Dee Williams my ass...
  • Shane Black...who?!?!...you know him as Hawkins in the film..the first guy taken out early on by the Predator...don't worry about him, in addition to getting a little acting in Black made most of his scratch by screen writing little action gems like the 1st and 2nd Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight, as well as a not-so-great movie for Arnold called The Last Action Hero.
  • The last guy on the team....Poncho played by Richard Chaves..the guy that got messed up by the log trap..he played a great role on the team and has done some acting afterwards as well...he was like a glue that held some of the scenes together...
  • Don't forget THE PREDATOR himself...how many other folks had nightmares of this thing after watching the movie...I did. A role so demanding that Jean Claude "the Muscles from Brussles" Van Damme supposedly couldn't hack so they got a 7'2" actor named Peter Michael Hall to play it.
"I once caught a fish this big..."

So, if you haven't seen it in a while and you are feeling your manliness level may be low, go ahead and rent or watch it...NOW! DO IT NOW YOU WEAK GIRLY MAN MAGGOT!

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