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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hardcore dessert....

hmmm...not exactly what I remember from the Army...

"Ranger" Food used to describe any combination of items that someone would throw together to maximize the uses of a MRE pouch.  The name stemmed from the soldiers that underwent Ranger School that were often limited to one MRE per day and would eat every last bit of it, even finding ways to use condiments to get every calorie of energy out of the pack.

Between Mountain and Jungle phase is the culinary arts portion of the training schedule...

Two of the favorite recipes were that for "Ranger pudding" and "Ranger Cookies"...(courtesy of Maryland Shooters Forum)

Ranger Pudding
1 MRE packet of cocoa beverage powder
1 MRE packet of coffee creamer
1 MRE packet of sugar (optional)

Mix together creamer, powder and sugar. Add water and stir.

Ranger Cookie
1 coffee creamer packet
1 packet of sugar

Open both sugar and creamer packet. Add the sugar into the creamer packet, shake it thoroughly, and then fold it up together. Heat the packet over the book of matches until the contents have melted. Let it cool. You should have a caramelized cookie.

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