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Monday, March 12, 2012

The end of the USS Enterprise?...not if you help...

The USS Enterprise, the second longest commissioned and the longest serving active vessel in the US Navy, has set to sea for the last time.  After a tour of duty supporting military operations with the US 6th Fleet.  After this deployment she will be deactivated in Norfolk on December 1st and then have any reusable items, as well as her 8 nuclear reactors, removed before being decommissioned and later scrapped in Washington state.  Commissioned in 1961 she has been a constant presence in the US Military for over 50 years.  It has served in every major military conflict since that time and was one of the first US military forces to launch counter attacks after 9/11.  Hell, it was even the ship that Top Gun was filled on that kept naval recruiters flush with fresh bodies during the 80's.  She is due more that what is planned for her, and her name.  The current Enterprise is the 8th ship to carry the name..going all the way back to a armed schooner in the Continental Navy in 1775.  As of now there is no plan to continue this legacy....that's where I am hoping many of you can come in.

Click on the link below to sign an ePetition to name the next Gerald Ford class carrier, CV-80 the 9th Enterprise.  Cost considerations could not save the physical structure that carried the last Enterprise, but the will of the people to bestow the namesake onto a new ship can continue the rich tradition that the name comes with into the future.

This, we must do.... please sign..

ePetition to name CV-80 the U.S.S. Enterprise.

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