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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Armed intruder helps himself to a snack..then gets shot by homeowner..

Some of this stuff you just can't make up...Wow, you know, there is a reason a lot of criminals resort to crime instead of a job.

Intruder stopped for snack before fatal shooting

What struck me is this...the guy came into the house through and unlocked door, changed clothes and made himself something to eat...all in all that had to be at least 5 or 10 minutes he was in the house BEFORE he went into the bedroom.  Apparently the owners were heavy sleepers (or at 2am they were in deep REM sleep probably)  and didn't even realize the guy was in their house until it was too late.  Wow.  Makes me think.  I have an alarm system that is currently not active with a service, but it still has the local features.  One of them is that I can set it so that if someone opens a door or window a chime will go off.  Not a bad idea I think after reading that.

Of course the other big thing that jumps out is the unlocked door. We have been guilty in my household of leaving a door unlocked once in a blue moon, I try and remember to do a door check before I hit the rack but sometimes one slips through.  The article says this guy tried like 20 other houses before he found the "soft" target.  Makes all the more reason to take care of those "passive" security measures...lights on and working, locking doors and windows, trimming hedges from windows so a burglar cannot hide and so on.

Luckily for the homeowner - and not so much for the home invader - he was able to retrieve his own firearm  from a closet and fight back.  A closet?  Reminds me of something else I wrote about concerning the perfect home defense pistol before..man almost spooky now that I read it again...maybe I should be writing down lottery numbers to play instead of posts on thisblog....

"but the guy with the Beretta .22 Tomcat that can put 6 rounds rapidly into a pie plate at 25 yards with HP rounds in it sitting in the nightstand along with a flashlight and cell phone in a home secured with deadbolt and an alarm system is better than the $2000 custom 1911 in a case in the closet that you don't shoot because you don't want to hurt the reseal value of"

A man died, not a good man by any stretch of the definition, but a man none the less.  The homeowner has got to live with that.  Simply locking his door could have avoided the entire confrontation.  Of course I am glad it ended with the intruder being carried away instead of the man and his wife after being found shot in the back of the head either in their bedroom or nearby an ATM they were forced to withdraw money from...but still the loss of human life should never be taken lightly.

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Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason why my valuable 1911 is sitting under my nightstand, loaded with Hornaday Critical Defense ammo and not locked away.

Keith Curtis