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Monday, February 20, 2012

OMG..The Army went full retard...

"You never go full retard..."

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops' exercise concerns (Stars and Stripes)

Seriously from the WTF files...Totally dumbfounded here.... I mean somebody actually thought this through...in the Army...and it became real...  check it out...even a video...is that chorus line dancing?!?!?

I am all for females in the military and supporting them in any way we can, but what is supposed to accomplish other that embarrass the poor schmuck who has to don this thing?  I mean we all know soldiers that get pregnant are not able to do the same level of physical activity as other soldiers...profiles, non-deployment status and the like are handed out when you get pregnant.  I have seen both soldiers who got pregnant and took care of themselves and did PT within their limits and came back after their baby was born strong as ever, to others that used it as an excuse to hit the all you can eat buffets for 9 months and then complained that they were being discriminated against.  80% of a soldiers ability to return to duty has to do with them and their attitude and the rest on unit attitude to their reintegration back into the "fighting force" after they give birth.

2 things that stood out in the S&T article:

  1. The female soldier that said her unit told her to sleep in during PT..wrong 
  2. The soldier who doesn't have females in his unit but said that the 25 pound pregnancy suit is easier to wear than body armor...and that there is no excuse for females to to participate in PT..wonder if that is the response that the PC Guru who designed this thought that they would get...before the guy probably didn't have and opinion, not it seems instead of being "understanding" he will have even less tolerance to pregnant soldiers in his unit. 

Look, I am not trying to say women in the military shouldn't have babies, far from it.  What I am saying is that instead of making soldiers try and become some type of social workers by donning this stuff and trying to "feel" for their troops, the Army should get some better standards and guidelines for training in from the Docs in conjunction with pregnancy and get it to the units so the soldiers can reference it like they do with most other issues.  We have actually made rule and regulations one of our specialties in the Army and should play to our strength on this one.  This would allow them to do what they are supposed to be doing with clear guidelines on dealing with these soldiers and cut the crap with this nonsense.

I tell you what, looking at this crap makes me almost wish more and more I had turned left into the USMC recruiters door instead of right into the Army's...almost.


Anonymous said...

somehow I don't think our troops need politically correct pregnancy training, what next - fat suits

Dave Sohm said...

They are allowing pregnant women in combat positions? I'm sorry, but there are actual physiological changes that are going to impede a pregnant woman, and that have nothing to do with how the boy soldiers treat them. The pregnancy hormones loosening their joints is a pretty big one. With looser joints, they won't be able carry heavy loads without risking injury.

All the political correctness in the world won't change biology.

If a soldier becomes pregnant, they should shifted to a light exercise program to keep them fit, but otherwise need light duty that allows them to put their feet up and drink lots of water. And if they don't like it, well, they need to think about what a pregnancy entails before getting in a position where it may become an issue.