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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Magpul mags

Thanks to The Firearm Blog for this info...

Magpul has introduced new mags the PMAG 30 M3 that are yet another evolution of their nearly universally liked PMAG line of polymer magazines for the AR.   Unlike the shotgun stock and forearm that they recently announced, I am not so "meh" on these magazines.  Seems to me that the design changes were either mostly cosmetic (dots for writing numbers on them..good idea but my paint pen has worked well on mine) or more geared toward working on the SCAR and other next generation assault rifles in the same class as the AR.  For me, the changes are not enough for me to change out my existing first and second gen PMAGs in my kit for the new ones, but its nice to know that Magpul is not sitting on their laurels and are looking forward with designs..

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