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Monday, January 23, 2012

LCP shopping story #1..there ain't no vanilla?..

 So, as I said last post I went looking for another pocket pistol in .380 again the other day, specifically a LCP.  why? I seem to have a habit of selling these little pocket pistols to people "in need" and was looking to get some cash together for another purchase, which turned out to be my Springfield 1903.  Well I have had both the P-3AT and the LCP before and find them functionally the same for the most part, the LCP is just a better finished product.  Since I have the LC9 now I thought having the LCP would just make sense. 

When I paid off the gun fund recently I sent in too much money and ended up with about a $120 credit at the store.   Well that would make a nice dent in the price of a basic LCP at around $300 - $330 for sure!  All I want is the basic model, I don't need lasers and such, been there already.  All I need is to put a dab of orange paint on the front blade of the pistol and it works fine for a really up close and personal defensive pistol. A simple blued finish, decent holster and and an extra mag is all that this pistol needs in my book.

Pocket perfection in my book...

Went to the store on Friday evening after work..walked in and took a number and waited my turn. When I was called I told the guy I wanted a LCP and was ready to buy.  We went to the case...this is what they had in stock...

the Crimson Trace Model....$399

the "Governor Ricky Perry Coyote model....$399

the NRA half camo model.....$399

the ultra fancy engraved model.....$399

and finally, the Zombie Slayer special.....$399

Wow, no basic no frill models in stock, just those. I was dumbfounded.  Now this is probably just an indication that a lot of people think the same way I do and want just a basic pistol for this type of CCW.  These pocket guns are not designed for real recreational shooting or anything other than what they are designed to do.  I have already talked previously on here about the use of lasers on these guns and how I thought they did provide some utility, but were ultimately not a "have to have" item for them. Engraving and coyote and zombie specials?  WTH? I guess you can dress a pig up and charge extra to show it off at any fair can't you?

It has been said that vanilla is truly the finest of the flavors.  Although sometimes referred to as "plain old vanilla" the thing that makes it great is that it doesn't pretend to be something its not.  Many times ice cream companies will blend vanilla in with cookies, fruit and other stuff, but in the end its still vanilla that carries the flavor to the consumer.   Same thing with a pistol like this...you can slap "Atomic Powered Banshee Slayer" on it, but its still a plain old .380 pocket pistol in the end.  A caliber that most consider the bare minimum to carry for self defense to boot...hardly what one one choose to slay zeds I think.  I will keep looking in the future and checking back at this and other stores....why not just the store I have a credit at?...ah, that will be story #2....

Maybe in the end I will just end up with one of these again...Kel-Tec did me right last time...


Mr. Jed said...

OR.....you could trade in your LC9, buy a PF-9, and get the same reliably, superb customer service, and maybe even pocket some cash on the difference in price!

Then you would still end up with a "matched pair!"

Huey said...

this is true...