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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodies for the carbine.

Got a box from CheaperThanDirt.com today...

  • Repro oiler and sling
  • Repro mag pouch
  • 3 new Korean (KCI) 15 round mags
  • 2 boxes of Tula .30 carbine ammo

Well, wanted to try and make this look a little more "authentic" but since the carbine itself is not USGI I didn't have any problem getting some Chinese made stuff to stick on here...sling color is too dark, mag pouch is a bit off...mags are too smooth...all OK in my book.  Once I get it to the range if it all works it works.

For those that may be asking themselves about the ammo pouch, this is a repro of the magazine pouch that was issued to go on the standard web belt during the war.  It did not take long for the troops to realize that if they took the barrel and receiver out of the stock (a 5 minute operation front to back, if that) that they could place a ammo pouch on the stock and have a total of 3 magazines on the weapon at all times, a total of 45 rounds.  That was almost an unheard of amount at the time.  Generally you see pics of the pouch on the other side of the carbine, but I shoot long guns Southpaw, which causes me to have mine on the "wrong" side of the stock.  Again, no big deal to me.

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