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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Estimating range with an EOTech...

Knew you could do this just never found a video demonstrating it so well...I will have to try this at the next Posse shoot when I get some distance and people to use...of course it will remove my EOTech from my rifle first....

This reminds me of an email I sent to EOTech a few years ago and their response...at close distance the lower tic mark on the outer ring is a 7 yard zero on the rifle..helpful if you have an AR with a fold down front sight..for me anything up close I can usually engage with just centering the front post in the EOTech window that close...

My emailed question...

From: Pete [mailto:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 1:31 PM
Subject: Use of the lower 65 MOA ring as a 7 yard battle sight

I just purchased an XPS-2 and must say I love it. 

I found a vid online that has one of your spokesmen stating that the bottom portion of the ring (I assume where the lower vertical tic mark meets it) is the 7 yard CQB aiming point (obviously due to height over barrel issues with a 50 yard zero).  I cannot find any documentation that supports this anywhere and wanted to know if this is confirmed true, a rumor, or just one of those "inside" tricks learned through use, like the use of the ring to estimate distance on a full height target.

Thanks, and again, nice job on the sight. Glad our troops are using it.

 And the company's response....

Hello Pete,
That is indeed true, but it is not published as the sights were designed for a 50yd zero with the 5.56 round.    Mostly LE uses them for close range and for the most part, putting center mass in circle will suffice but for a precision close shot that aiming point when properly zero’d would be correct.
All close range aiming points should be validated by live fire.

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L-3 EOTech
1201 E Ellsworth Rd
Ann Arbor Mi  48108   
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