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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, this is strange and unexpected...

Sometime later today I may end up owning a rifle very similar to the one on the left there....

...and if I do I will need to buy that Vortex SPARC scope I was talking about as well....strange.

What is it and how did I get to this point? Story and pics later if (or if not) it happens....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look what came the other day...

After a couple of months of waiting I finally got the hat I was promised when I signed up for the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation....yay me!

And I am not going to pass up a hat reference to include this clip...classic...


New Ruger 10/22 barrel is defective...

OK, nobody is perfect and I don't expect any manufacturer to have zero defects. Lets see how they handle this. Quick call this morning they told me just to ship it to them with a letter explaining the default. Problem is this is the barrel for a different rifle for which it was purchased, going to have to get the receiver back from my friend and put it all back together now....and then deal with mailing it - never done that before. At least the NH location that this is being shipped to is closed down next week so I have a few days to get this all together.

Hope this doesn't impact Appleseed..

Here is the vid.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ballistic performance of various rounds…video

My old Sergeant Major emailed me a video I would like to share.  Its by a British company called SJH Projects which is the defense contracting field and this was a video that they did for one of their projects.  Please note that these target drums are not the 55 gallon drums that we Americans are used to but 60 liter drums.  They are about 2 feet tall by 16” in diameter…

Good video showing the relative effects of each round.  Gotta love that .338 Lupua Magnum round, designed as a dedicated sniping round, it falls between the standard military .308 and the .50 in this role.  It provides enough “oomph” to get the job done well past what most shooters are normally tasked to do with it but is light enough that is can be fired out of a weapon considerably smaller than the .50 round requires.  This makes it a mobile and versatile killer on the battlefield for us. 

Note that the “wimpy” 9mm round easily penetrates the barrel out of a Glock also.  Just goes to show, don’t hide behind water barrels…or car doors apparently also.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Libya's Most Wanted: Gadhafi

Libya's HDBIC (Head Douche Bag in Charge) Moammar Gadhafi is in the news yet again...this time for being a wanted fugitive by the International Criminal Court (ICC). A warrant has been issued for his arrest and that of his son, "D-bag Jr. Gadhafi", for the old "crimes against humanity" thing for what he has done against his people in Libya. Now lets set this straight...like most things associated with the UN or anything with the word "Hague" associated with it, this warrant has about the same strength as a fart in a hurricane...its frightening if you are right at the source but quickly diminishes as you move away from the source. That is unless the US decides to use it as an excuse to remove him from power..a la Noriega...

The pictorial proof that this man is a douche bag just keeps on mounting...

What totally kills me here is that the charge is for things he has done to his own people and not the thousands he has aided in killing around the world...including US citizens... Again, I guess if you have enough money you can buy your reputation back on the world stage and get top US performers to play for you like trained monkeys....more douchebaggery...

Gadhafi...never liked him...never will....

Cha - Cha - Changes....

Thinking about making some changes to my gear...

First off, thinking about trading or selling the XPS-2 Halo on the AR for a Red Dot....shooting it yesterday on the range I was just having a problem focusing on the target through it. The aiming circle is made of of individual dots and some people's brain sees them as one circle, apparently I am in the other group and see them as a circle of dots, distracting. Note that this happens when I try and snap into the sight for a quick shot, if I simple aim through it it is better....but that is not what I train for now. I think maybe a Micro T1 or Vortex Sparc might do the trick, one dot to worry about.

Secondly, maybe thinking about trading the LC9 for the Kahr CM9...what?!? I thought you already made that choice? Yes I did and I still think the LC9 is a good pistol. I am having some issues getting used to the safety and the trigger was hurting me on the range yesterday past 3 yards or so. Also, the thing that seems to bring people to this blog are my reviews, which do not appear nearly as often as I would like. This would be another chance to preview a product and get a few more people to wander over this way.

I would appreciate any input on the subject....

F16 pilot trades flight helmet for football helmet...

Former Ohio State tight end Matt Manifold is a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and a F16 jock to boot. He has flown combat sorties over both Iraq and Afghanistan who "...got to blow a lot of stuff up and shoot a lot of things down,". All of that and he's the same age as me...man I got to rethink how I spent my time since High School....

Anyway, once a Buckeye always a Buckeye (unless your name is Pryor these days) and Colonel Manifold has morphed into Coach Manifold for a few weeks to help out his alma mater (latin for "nourishing mother"..never say you didn't come here and didn't learn any culture) and former room mate and current OSU tight ends coach John Peterson.

So first I was like...

And then I was like...

Article here...

Football: Reunited Ohio State roommates go camping

One thing I like about the article is how he credits coach Earle Bruce for helping him stay the course to a career as an Air Force officer. Coach Bruce was the man who had the daunting task of taking the reigns from Woody Hayes upon his ouster from one of the most visible jobs in college football. Despite losing by 1 point in the national championship in 1980, a winning record over Michigan and 4 Big 10 titles in 8 seasons, the coach fell out of favor with the administration and fans and was fired after the 1987 season, but not until he beat Michigan one last time in Ann Arbor. Something his successor, John Cooper never did do. Its nice to see a good coach get credit where its due. Like his predecessor and mentor, Coach Bruce knew that the military produced good men of character and encouraged that trait in their players.

Today is National PTSD Awareness Day

If you or someone you know is still fighting the battles you left behind overseas please get some help. You are not alone.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Ruger...

Hey guys at Ruger, really coming around to your products in a big way. My current primary is a LC9 and I am seriously thinking about getting another LCP and even a SR1911! I don't care that you have copied designs from kel-Tec, nor that your former company president helped shove the '94 weapons ban down out throats. I don't even care that the LC9 has more safety devices on it than a child's car seat....all is forgiven in my book. Your web site rocks and you guys do an excellent job supporting your products. The way you stood right up and admitted to the drop safety problem on the SR9 and LCP and took care of it is commendable. You guys are doing great!!!

...well, there is one thing......

When you decide to design (or copy and produce, whatever) a defensive pistol for CCW use, could you do us a favor and GIVE US A SECOND MAGAZINE! I know you are not the only ones doing the single mag thing (looking at you Kahr and Kimber) but you are the company whose products I am using now. Yes, I know the SR9c comes with 2 and that is great and all. But a lot of shooters (like myself) will choose the easy of carry of the LC9 over the increased firepower of the SR9 because the concealability is how you guys market it. If its a cost thing trying to keep the pistol at a competitive price point thing, well, what I always point out to people is that when I looked at the price of the LC9 I factored in the additional cost of the extra mag in the purchase price. I am sure if you could include the second one in the package itself you could provide it for much cheaper than what I was charged by the retailer at the counter. That would be appreciated by many of us.

I am not a professional gunfighter. I do not foresee myself duplicating a scene from a John Woo movie and going through hundreds of rounds in a armed encounter. Truthfully, I hope I never get into one in the first place. But if I just so happen to do get into one, I would like the peace of mind to know my 7+1 in the LC9 is backed by another 7 in my pocket for a total of 15, now that is a decent number to fend off wolves who often attack in packs.

Just a thought fellas...otherwise sending much love down to Arizona to you all....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes, slow zombies are better....

Ironic, just last week I heard an interview with Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg on a local radio station. I really liked that movie, a comedy with zombies and characters you could not help but to fall in love with. Now today on a forum I found a link to a piece he did on the UK Guardian web site bemoaning the fast zombie characterized in many of today's zed flicks. I must agree, the running zombie, while certainly frightening, is not any better than the slow, shambling creature that we traditionally view in the role. Article link below....

The dead and the quick

A few years back the running zombie became all the craze with the remake of the Dawn of the Dead movie from Romero's franchise. Decent flick and it had its good parts, but the running zombie was a bit much for a lot of die hard zed purists. The height of running zombie idiocy was in the Day of the Dead remake where zed's somehow gained the ability to climb walls like insects and leap far distances.It seems in the Walking Dead series on AMC they have a hybrid, a zombie that walks slowly about but can speed up for very short distances to catch its prey.

Before the zombie was a prepper euphemism for those that would be knocking on the prepper's door after the SHTF unprepared as a threat...the zombie held another place in our subconcious mind...that of the fear of dying ourselves. Pegg puts it excellently in this paragraph...
More significantly, the fast zombie is bereft of poetic subtlety. As monsters from the id, zombies win out over vampires and werewolves when it comes to the title of Most Potent Metaphorical Monster. Where their pointy-toothed cousins are all about sex and bestial savagery, the zombie trumps all by personifying our deepest fear: death. Zombies are our destiny writ large. Slow and steady in their approach, weak, clumsy, often absurd, the zombie relentlessly closes in, unstoppable, intractable.

Yes, the slow zombie can bring so much more tension to a story plot as far as I am concerned. So for me, bring on the shamblers!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iPhone4 vs. .50 cal…

So, I guess next time I decide to go all douche to Krogers with my LC9 and iPhone and get into a raging gun battle in the vegetable section I shouldn’t use my iPhone for cover….

The hell with it…still a bit too pissed to do anything creative on here tonight…out for the evening.

Kind of pissed right now…

My co-worker, who I have worked with for 10 years and currently am stationed with as the only two techs at our location, posted this on Facebook this evening…my response is the second one….one of my steel plate buds is the first one…

Stone anticcw

Its been over a hour and he hasn’t responded…kind of pissed, I mean being called a douche by your coworker, whether directly and deliberately or not, irks my ire.  I mean, I have never with held from him that I was a gun guy or had a CCW and he and I often exchange comments on FB, he must have known I would read this…

My prediction for tomorrow weather….chilly….

I messed up...

I miss the LCP....I shouldn't of sold it. That miniscule size really does make it the "go anywhere" carry piece extraordinaire. Sure the LC9 is compact and easy to carry and the 9mm is more potent, but it does not simply disappear on me like the LCP did. I got blind sided by a request by a friend to help him out and I caved, my mistake. Not that I regret helping him out, but for what I charged him for the pistol and accessories he could of gotten a new one himself, but without the extra mag and laser.

Guess what I am contemplating now.....

The Glock works for me...you're mileage may vary....

Over at Hellinahandbasket.net, fellow Central Ohio blogger James tells of a fellow named Mike who told him of his low opinion of the Glock platform based upon the opinions passed onto him by others. James did probably the smartest thing he could of done in that situation...he took the guy to shoot a Glock rental pistol at a range. His opinion was changed after finding out that the Glock did not have the worst trigger in the world...

I am hardly surprised.

Yes, I am a fan of the Glock design...otherwise I would not own multiple pistols by the company.

  • The pistols are simple, only 37 parts, even a person with minimal technical prowess can understand how it works with minimal instruction.
  • The basic design sacrifices some aesthetics for functional form. It may not be the most pretty pistol in the case but the design has been tested in real life scenarios for 30 years to be durable and trustworthy. It was designed as a military service pistol where the individual conformed to the weapon, and not the other way around.
  • Despite its naysayers, the pistol does have 3 safeties on it (although the trigger safety is not what I would solely rely on in and of itself), all deactivated when the trigger is pulled and reactivated when it is reset. Try pushing firing pin through a piece of steel 3/16" thick and you get an idea of the force that it would require to defeat the plunger safety on this pistol. The lack of external safeties was also a design consideration to keep the overall part count lower on the pistol to ease manufacturing and maintenance.
  • The majority of glocks are accurate enough, if not more so, for their intended purpose. Although some have been tuned to be fine "race guns" for competition, the pistol was designed as a service sidearm and in this regard it is well withing the normally expected accuracy for that type of weapon. The hexagonal or octagonal (depending on caliber) profile barrels not only provide for tighter spiraling to increase accuracy but also a better gas seal behind the bullet for better overall ballistic performance.
  • The Tenifer finish on the slides is known for its durability. Matter of fact the entire pistols durability is almost a standard which other pistols are compared to. I have posted links and vids before of Glock pistols being subjected to ruthless torture but still being able to fire afterwards.
  • For me, and any other .Mil, LEO or Fire/EMS type, they are economical. Basic models will run you about $400 with the Glock First Responder discount...base prices for the general public are higher but still competitive with most other similar pistols in the case.

Of course not all that glitters is gold and Glocks are not without their drawbacks....

  • They are not perfect, despite the self imposed "Glock Perfection" label that is used with the company. I think this is some of the beef that the "anti-fanboys" level at Glock, and it is justified to me. I mean, if "Glock Perfection" was in the 3rd Gen pistols, why go to a 4th? It is a mechanical device and is subject to failures, as is any mechanical design. The use of ISO 9001 manufacturing methods, CNC machining and skilled labor greatly reduces the risk for failure, but it will happen eventually to any design.
  • The sights, while functional, are still plastic and are known to be fragile under harsh use. Many people make replacing the sights a priority on a new pistol.
  • They are THICK! Carrying one IWB takes some getting used to, but that is the price you pay for those large capacity magazines.
  • The grip (and overall look) is blockish. Some people simply do not like the feel of the grip.
  • And, as I have stated before, Glocks web site needs some serious updating...

Getting back to the lack of external safety issue, people carried DAO revolvers for years that did not have a safety lever a la 1911 on it and everyone was fine with that due to the long DA trigger pull. Since replacing parts is relatively easy, you can install a NY-1 trigger spring in it to recreate that double action trigger goodness to your Glock and be "safe" all you want...that and choose a holster that has sufficient coverage of the trigger guard area, as any good holster should.

The best piece of advice I can give about Glocks though is this...do like James and go rent one or borrow one and try it yourself. They are not perfect, but for me they work and I will continue to own them for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ryan Dunn, from the Jackass movies, died the other day after apparently performing the king of all jackass stunts...drinking and driving in a high performance sports car. He had posted pictures online shortly before his death of him drinking with friends at a club. His death made the spotlight on many of the entertainment outlets and was the buzz on social media yesterday. My "web friend" Erik posted this on his Facebook page this morning...

Pfc. Brian Backus, 21, of Mich./Spc. Tyler R. Kreinz, 21, of Wis./Sgt. Alan Snyder, 28, of Mass./Sgt. Edward Dixon, 37, of Mo./Sgt. 1st Class Alvin A. Boatwright, 33, of S.C./Spc. Scott Smith, 36, of Ind. All K.I.A. on 6-20-2011...and you "Miss Ryan Dunn"

Puts that kind of media attention to Dunn in perspective doesn't it?....

You see, Erik is no stranger to the sacrifices made by service members and their families. He himself is a multi-tour vet of the War on Terrorism (I still refuse to accept the term "Global Contingency Operations" or whatever...it wasn't a "contingency" that hit the twin towers on 9/11) with combat experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure that when he thinks about the price that has been paid for those conflicts this image is one of the many that goes through his head...

RIP, (L) Kristofferson Lorenzo, KIA May 23, 2011 (R) Charles Wyckoff, KIA June 6, 2007

Both of these soldiers were friends of Erik's. I never knew either of them. As odd as it seems I remember Wyckoff's name from the casualty reports in june of 2007 while in the CAC in Kuwait, I believe his name was similar to somebody I knew or something like that. To put another face to a name sometimes sucks with my memories of that time. Sometimes that level of obscurity between the names we processed and the reality of their lives and death was truly comforting. It would of made for a really depressing year to have to deal with nothing but injured and dead faces all the time. Makes me feel for the folks in the medical branches.

Of course to Erik the connection is all to real and painful. He has a lot of names and faces that he can attach to the word "sacrifice".

This is not to take the death of Ryan Dunn lightly or to say his loss to his family and friends is any less devastating than that of the two soldiers above to their own family. Its just when a nation's media takes more time and space to pay attention to someone who's claim to fame was being a "jackass" compared to the service and loss of six soldiers on the same day...I got to scratch my head and think maybe our perspective on life is a little skewed....

To his credit, Dunn (in the green shirt in the vid) did contribute to one of the (I think) most bad assed stunts pulled on the Jackass movies, standing in front of a "less than lethal" claymore mine....

RIP to all of our fallen service members and may God protect all of those still in harms way...until victory brings them home.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Glades….good show….bad facts…

The-Glades-stillA&E picked up The Glades for a second season that started a few weeks ago.  Having a 8 year old in the house means that most of what the wife and I get to watch on the boob tube consists of Disney and Nickelodeon type material except for the few shows that we can watch that Netflix carries that we like.  We like the show a lot and overall its really entertaining.  But the show, like a lot of TV shows, puts style over substance.  It just makes better TV and allows them to do a show in the time allowed.  I mean, I am sure that there are real homicide detectives out there that would die to have clues come together and fall into their lap and line up like they do on the shows.  

One thing that the show keeps doing is making mistakes about firearms….and now the military.

This weekends episode dealt with the murder of a Navy recruiter.  Apparently on TV military personnel carry their “issued revolvers” at all times.  Yes, you hear that right….”service revolver” is what the show called it.   Hell, even in a combat zone the issuance and carry of a weapon is regulated…and some commands are going as far as to require personnel coming home from a combat zone to surrender (at least voluntarily) for a period of time after they return.     And this guy was a recruiter to boot, I don’t even know if recruiters in the Army have a TO&E with weapons on it, let alone the Navy. And its 2011, when was the last time the military issued a revolver to begin with?

Also, this guy had to be the best recruiter in history because it seems like the Navy wouldn’t let him off the “trail”.  One of the suspects is the father of one of sailors the guy recruited that was killed in Afghanistan “a few years later”.   The guy was suspected of killing the recruiter when he came back into town again.  Not helping the believability factor was a picture of the supposedly deceased son in Navy Officer white dress in front of a F-18…seriously, some Petty Officer has to hound 18 year olds to fly fighter jets…which are the elite of Navy aviation by the way…..but this guy could recruit kids off the street to fly them apparently.

Oh yeah, in an autopsy they pull a bullet fragment out of the victim and the coroner declares “A hollowpoint” to which the female lead in the show responds “yeah, cop killers”……<insert facepalm here>.  Hey writers, I carry hollowpoints in my CCW piece…they work on criminals much better than cops……

Love your show…maybe I am noticing this stuff too much because I am a “gunnie” but it wouldn’t bee too hard to have somebody check this stuff out, really, even in California they have some people that know about guns….despite all you wackos out to remove them from society out there….

Wow, that was fast….NC Star reflex site…

Remember last week that I told you that a company called Mounting Solution Plus was offering free swag to any established blogger that posted some advertising for them? I normally have stated that I would refrain from such advertising activities, but since this would be a one time type deal I went ahead and posted their coded add on the page last Wednesday and emailed them….

Well, Friday I had a package waiting for me….can you say FAST!!

I still have to do some field testing and review the sight, it’s a NC Star reflex style, 4 reticle sight.  NC Star makes some of the lower end optics gear available.  I find their quality and price point to generally match up.  The scope I have on my 10/22 is a NC Star model and it works well.  For a hobby shooter or casual weekend warrior type, the NC Star brand is generally a safe bet when you want a sight that won’t break the bank. 

Thanks to MSP for getting this to me so quickly.  If this is any indication of your customer service level we just might do some more business in the future…..



2 day shipping time from Florida to Ohio via USPS…not too shabby…


On the outside the sight appears to be fairly solid, I will have to do some field trials before I can say for sure about its build.


About all the “field work” I have had time to do with it so far…


I really didn’t know what I would put this on…have an EOTech on the AR and another NC Star optic on the 10/22….then I had an idea…..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tactical Crapping…yes, I am going there…


Yeah, it happens…in the woods, no Porta-potty in sight (or in my case long before they even contracted stuff like that), its 0200 and nature calls…and calls loudly…

The ninja shits…..dark, deadly and sneak up on you without you knowing….its happened to everyone that has taken to the field at one time or another and there was no amount of dehydrated pork patties or fruit cocktail that you could eat to stem their tide…they were indeed troubling.   Todays deployed troop will have a bevy of restroom facilities available on their designated base or FOB provided due to the generous nature (and even more generous government contracts) of your local KBR crew.  Still, off the FOB these issues do arise.

But what to do?  In many a war a man has simply let fly in his trousers when natured called and he was in the middle of defending his life against the enemy.  No shame there.  I know several folks that have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane only to have the jolt of their chute opening turn their pants a more tactical shade of brown…. But this wasn’t war or an training situation where you had to pay attention to stay alive.  It was just “the field”…that mundane existence that started one day and ended many similar days later and you really couldn’t remember how many had come between and even if you did it wouldn’t matter.   In the field life was different for a grunt.  Gone were the luxuries of hot water, TV, soft beds, telephones and dedicated crappers.  In its place were poncho liners and ponchos on the hard ground, cold chow, cold PTA washes with a washcloth and canteen cup, entertainment that was derived from your fellow soldiers rather than a Xbox….and no shitters….

Oh the horror….

Savvy troops brought copious amounts of quality toilet paper with them in ziplock bags…better to have and not need then….you get the point.  Others relied on the generosity of the Army and the foresight of their supply sergeant to make sure enough super fine sandpaper…aka Army generic toilet paper…or the 3 or 4 tissue like pieces that your MRE provided to do the job (shudder) .  Others used leaves and sticks like they were right out of a chapter of the early frontier…you know the Ranger types and such….

But as to the method….

Well, ideally whenever you set into a position for the night or dug a defensive perimeter your command element types would indicate a “pee tree” (for going #1 on) and a slit trench area.  The pee tree was simply a tree or bush centrally located that everyone would walk to and pee on…like dogs marking their territory.  At night a chem light would generally be hung off it, or more tactically, a hole dug and it dropped in so that you had to be pretty much on top of it to see it.    The slit trench was just that…as shallow trench about a entrenching tool blade wide by a etool deep that would be nearby the pee tree that you simply straddled, dropped your pants, sunk your battleship,  and then scooped dirt on top of it for courtesy’s sake of the next guy.   Ideally you would have some type of para cord or bungie frame around in via trees and such with ponchos to give you some privacy.  It would also (hopefully) include a hand washing station which might simply be a 5 gallon can of water and a bar of soap.  Nothing fancy but it works. 

If you were really lucky and were in a static location they might actually pull out the field toilet, which was a collapsible plywood box with a hole in the top that would be placed over the slit trench…glorious….in the land of the blind the one eye man truly is the king.

In other situations you might have to improvise a bit.  

  • Generally, the hole squat was the most basic. I could never master the simple concept to dig a hole, drop my BDU’s and squat.  A lack of coordination (I didn’t get the nickname “Baby Huey” for nothing) and rightfully founded fear of dropping a load back into my own pants in the dark made this my least favorite option. 
  • The sump dump…while in a defensive position, commonly called the fox hole, it is standard procedure to dig a hole at the bottom that angles down and away from the personnel called the grenade sump.  Its purpose is so that you can kick a grenade into it, hopefully before it explodes, if one happens into your position.   Do I need to explain what happens here?  OK, you drop a round down it…hopefully on your lst day in the field before you fill it in and not one of your first so you can admire your work, so to speak, for the remainder of your time in the field…..Of course its common knowledge you never go in your OWN foxhole….
  • Some people preferred the tree method where you found a sturdy tree, dug a hole at the base and squatted using the tree for support, either hanging off of it with your arms or leaning against it with your back.  Functional but left you for the want of a tree when you may or may not have that luxury.
  • The “Gallagher”…named after the comedian, this method involves forethought and the use of props.  A pair of MRE boxes  propped on either side of the hole, a 5 gallon bucket, a folded entrenching tool, the infamous folding chair with a hole cut in the seat or some form of rope seat have all been known to be in my presence in the field.  For mech guys and the like that have the ability to carry stuff like that in their vehicle more power to you, but for legs and light guys this approach was usually a logistical nightmare. 
  • My personal favorite was the modified tree approach.  It took a bit more searching than the simple tree but was usually well worth the time if you could afford it.  Look for two small saplings growing right next to one another (maybe 6 to 8 feet in length), drop trousers, approach  from the rear and simple walk back over them running one tree under each thigh, thusly forming a seat over a pre-dug hole (you need a little engineering foresight to figure the angle of the dangle of the tree in relation to the target area and such before you start).
  • The “Bandito”…sneak around until you find some other REMF units fixed position and sneak in and use their facilities…stealing all the available TP that you can on the way out.  
  • The “Snake Eater/sniper”…only for the most tactically hardcore types….this method is emplyoyed while laying prone and is only for the hardcorest of hardcore.  Basically it is rolling to your side, dropping pants and doing your business then rolling back over and laying there next to your product.  I have done the #1 version of this drill but never the deuce thankfully.

So for those of you who have never had to step off the beaten path in uniform to take care of the call of nature, there is a run down of some of the more creative ways the modern grunt has learned to take care of their business.   Its not pretty, but it is life as I knew it in the Infantry in my day.  And some people still wonder why I migrated to the Administrative branch later in my career….

Appleseed number 3 on the horizon….


The “Ninja Mag” is just for show for the most part, only use it in one part of Appleseed for a fun shoot type event for a voucher to free training later, I got one last time!

Ah, another year another shot at Appleseed.  Been to two so far, had a good time each go around but have failed to shoot a 210 needed to qualify as a “Rifleman” by their standards.  Yes, I know that it doesn’t mean squat to anyone outside of the organization, but then again a lot of my life has been like that.  Does anybody give a rats patootie about a overseas service ribbon or the like that isn’t in the military?  And no, I do not hang out on the Appleseed forums (although I have posted there) and don’t really consider the people that do it year round my “peers” so to speak.  Lets just say I want to accomplish this goal to chalk one up in the win column for “Team Personal Pride”.

They say that excuses are like butts, everyone has one and they all stink.  I guess I am a two butted guy because I got two excuses, both my own fault for not qualifying the past two times.

  1. First Appleseed, eyesight.  I didn’t take into consideration how bad my eyesight has gotten.  Part of its from age (mine is getting progressively worse) and part is from some corneal scarring that I have in my eyes from only Lord knows what.  the first time out I set up a trainer rifle with the excellent Tech-Sights 10/22 setup that puts GI style sights on your .22.  I figured that since I was a former GI I was in like Flint. Wrong.  My eyes couldn’t not focus on the front sights and still keep a decent enough image of the target in the background…hell, I couldn’t see the smallest targets at all.  Damn.  Since scopes are allowed I decided to go that route the next time.
  2. Second Appleseed, equipment.  You know, putting a scope on your rifle isn’t hard.  Sighting it in at 25 meters isn’t hard.  Going to Appleseed and finding out that your eye relief is totally different when locked in a sling behind the rifle compared to sitting comfortably behind it on a bench, finding out your scope will not move forward enough to adjust and then trying to qualify….very hard.  I had not taken into account how close my eye would be to the eyepiece when I was properly snugged in with a sling.  It was like trying to sight down the inside of a drinking straw.  Total fail.  The fact that I could not adjust my gear, total fail and frustration.  CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO GOING!!  We called it PMCS in the military, preventive maintenance checks and services. 

Now I think I am ready.  Got a new barrel on it courtesy of a deal I made with a friend.  It’s the barrel off of a new 10/22 tactical and has the threaded barrel with a flash hiders on it (like the .22 needs it!) but I am thinking of maybe putting on a can (suppressor) later.  The scope has been replaced with one that Kev had lying around and gives more eye relief on the same rail space.  Most of all, I took it to the Posse shoot in April and it worked like a charm when I put the sling on with it.  Now just to do a little zero verification and a clean and lube before the shoot and I think I am good to go…of course I said that the LAST two times as well.

Anyone in Ohio interested in attending one with me let me know.  I am just now getting around to looking at the dates but would like to go in July to September as a time frame.

Happy Fathers Day to a father I never knew…


My Dad, veteran U.S. Army, Reserve

Happy Fathers Day Dad, glad I have had my entire life to get to know you as we both have grown.  Some times I stand in awe of you, some times I just stand and shake my head.  Always I love you.  I am luckier than some, including my wife.

Some 21 years ago my Father-in-Law Glen Lyons passed away.  This was many years before my wife and I even met. Today would not only of been Fathers Day but also his 70th birthday.  While digging through some stuff in the basement I came across one of his old Army fatigue shirts that the wife has kept of his after all these years.  The kid just had to try it on….


I never got a chance to meet or know Glen but I like to think that he and I would have hit it off.  Seeing my daughter in his uniform kind of cements a bond there between me and him.  RIP Glen Lyons, sorry we missed each other this time around..

And on a side note, in the age of digital camo and such can you even fathom that fact that the Army once thought that full color nametapes, patches and white t-shirts were a field uniform?!?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The gun guys from Killer


Note: Posted this the other morning but had to take it down when I tried to edit it and it caused the blog to stop working, think its fixed now…just a fluff piece anyway…

Watched Killers tonight…it’s a “OK” movie about a former assassin who tries to go legit with a regular wife and life but finds himself the target of some unknown assasination attempt some 3 years later.  The movie is entertaining but not really something I will probably watch again.  The Glock does find itself in many scenes in the movie which is good to go in my book.

The interesting thing is the two main male actors, Ashton Kutcher and Tom Selleck, are both real life gun guys.  Ashton has publicly posted vids and pics with him and wife Demi Moore with their guns…but yet somehow was in a pro Obama video….what gives Ashton?  Maybe going down the stretch into his lame duck period when he unleashes his hounds in full against the 2nd Amendment you will catch on.  Tom has been a long standing proponent of the 2nd Amendment and even took Rosie “Doofus” O’Donnell to task on the matter when she ambushed him on his show….you don’t mess with Magnum…

I really need to make the time to watch his Jesse Stone movies….





Suck it Rosie!!  She is an idiot that, along with her buddy Penny Marshall, was a spokesperson for KMart who sells guns and ammo….they were dropped by Kmart, dumb cow….

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'll drink to that...

This picture is incorrect in that CCW holders WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to consume alcohol while in an establishment that serves liquor....

Ohio Restaurant carry passes both the Ohio House and Senate, on to governor to sign

This entire process has been marked by lie after lie by the anti-gun crowd. Lately, anti-gun bar owners have chimed in and the press has been more than happy to print and echo their flawed logic against the bill.

  • Ohio will become the "wild west", none of our neighboring states that allow restaurant and bar carry have had any dramatic increase in gun violence.
  • Bar owners are "powerless" to stop patrons from carrying, despite the provision that extends the current policy of business owners posting signs prohibiting carrying that are legally binding.
  • Some bar owners have complained that they will have to act as police and hire additional security to make sure that all patrons are adequately searched and screened before entering their businesses. Really? In no part of the bill does it say that their responsibility goes that far...and besides how about the people already carrying illegally (and I would be without a CCW to begin with) in many of these same establishments...what have they done to prevent that?

Overall, a bunch of weak arguments against passing this bill and some strong points towards passing it. It looks like Kasich will sign this and soon enough I will be able to go to Ruby Tuesdays to eat my steak and ice tea in peace....

Freebie for Bloggers...

OK, going to try something new here...I have stated again that I don't do this blog for profit, but that doesn't mean that I won't look a gift horse in the mouth either. My friend Rosell hooked me up for a link from this company called Mounting Solutions Plus. They have a program for active bloggers to receive items to review Per the site the criteria for "active" is as follows...

Please note you must be a active blogger with 3+ months history. Also NO Myspace and Facebook blogs are accepted due to it being a closed network. All blogs are subject for review, quality and relevance. Valled for only US address.
I think I meet that measure...

So I post the code below and hopefully I will have one of these on my doorstep soon to review for you....
yeah baby!

Rifle Scope and Sights at Mounting Solution Plus (MSP)

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is both a manufacturer of quality firearm accessories, as well as a distributor of firearms related products. Mounting Solutions Plus, is happy to grow there slection of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights to the rest of our tactical accessories. Included in our current lisitng are: Aimpoint, BSA Scope, Bushnell Scopes, Elcan, Eotech, Horus Vision, NcStar , and TrijiconIn addition to our Rifle Scopes we carry a verity of Scope Mounts & Scope Rings.

Mounting Solutions Plus specializes in tactical mounts and gun accessories for professional and competition shooters.

Click Here to learn more.

Otto helps school me on my M1 Bayonet

You probably don't remember me mentioning an old friend of mine named Otto from my military days that came to the last Posse shoot and brought a Schmidt-Rubin rifle that I found very interesting. Well, Otto has a little militaria web site of his own at www.ebayonet.com, and man does he know alot about stabby stuff!!! Matter of fact he has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about the subject!

Artist rendition of Otto, not my friend Otto, but an Otto none the less...

Well, since I just got myself a M1 Bayonet for my Garand I had to send him a link to my post about it for his opinion. The information he returned to me was very interesting...

  • Your UFH from CMP is a Greek issued just like your rifle. The SN on the crossguard is Greek.
  • You're scabbard is a US issue M7 scabbard (Purpose made, not a shortened M3 scabbard fro the M1905 bayonet) and the metal tip is a Greek repair for a damaged tip. The US never bothered repairing these, it was considered a wear out item.
  • Poor fit and rattling- Not a wear issue, it's just typical and was considered perfectly acceptable per the specs. This condition went back to the original M1905s and has been US standard all this time. If it doesn't fall off it's acceptable.
  • Sharp edge- They are not supposed to be TOO sharp. Just sharp enough for utility purposes. Most countries up through WWII had NON sharpened bayonets and they were not intended to double as a knife. Strictly to be used as a bayonet. The US, Britain and Japan were the only major powers who specified sharpened bayonets as standard. In most other armies sharpening one's bayonet was a punishable offense.
  • Marine bayonet training- Not only do they continue this training but they have their own bayonet which is very different from the M9. It was designed to fit their martial arts program and is intended to defeat low level body armor.

Like I said, he has probably forgotten more about the subject than I will ever know to begin with. If you want to know more go check out his site from the link above. He is a good guy and you should not have any worries about doing any business with him. Also check out his Airborne stuff he has for sale...he is Mr. Paratrooper...got married under a canopy and went to the 82nd Airborne reunion for his honeymoon...true story..

Thanks Otto!
Update from Otto: Otto kindly asks that you please do not send him requests for evaluating your stuff without considering his knowledge is worth the small fee he charges for it. Again, he knows this stuff and knows it well. I don't know what your time is worth to you, but the amount of time it would take me to do all the research he has done on the subject over the years is well in excess of $20...

and he also says although he likes Otto the Simpson's bus driver, this Otto cartoon character is more to his liking...

Hey, if I don't watch it I will be over 200,000 hits soon...

What gives folks...it was back in January that I got to 100,000 page hits which took over a year, and now it looks as though I might double that number in only 6 months?

I hope its because you like what you read here. I don't get any hate mail about this site so I guess the majority of you either like it or are like "meh" and wander off to other sites without much of a thought. For whatever reason this blog keeps growing, and I like that.

Thanks to everyone that has clicked on this page to add up to that 200,000 mark.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poll results - Do you carry with 1 in the chamber?

And apparently the majority of you do, about 80% (276 to 67 who leave the pipe clear) according to the numbers. That is too be expected I guess with a gun friendly crowd as I believe visits my little corner of the 'net.

For those of you "Israeli carrying" don't worry, you're not "wrong" or anything like that. When and how you carry is a personal preference based upon your own evaluation of the threat present, your training level and other considerations. You carry as YOU feel comfortable doing so.

The thing is, whether you are carrying in Condition 1 or Condition 3, at least you are out there exercising your right to carry to begin with.

It take's different strokes to rule the world as they say...

Another CMMG .22 LR AR Conversion kit review

I reviewed the CMMG kit previously and had a pretty good eval of it. Since then I have learned that it is kind of ammo sensitive, which sucks since the ammo it doesn't like I bought 3,000 rounds worth on sale this Spring.

Anyway, good copper jacketed ammo still seems to feed through it well and it may be worth a look to you.

Over at The Firearm Blog they take a look at the unit and come to some similar conclusions about it. Notice how all the ammo in his pics is copper jacketed. Lead round nose bullets have been giving me issues I think. Worth a read.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Army...the Army Adopts new headgear and service rifle

Huey's Gunsight
June 14th, 2011

To celebrate the Army's 236th Birthday, the Army Chief of Staff made a surprise announcement today concerning the new look and direction of the Army with the
designation of new headgear and a service rifle.

After announcing the retirement of the black beret as the standard headgear worn by the Army, Army Chief of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey today announced that the tri-corner hat will now be the official headgear of the United States Army.
"We took a hard look at the history of the United States Army and found a piece of headgear that served this country during some of its most pivotal battles" Dempsey said. "While wearing this cap the Army both defeated and tied the Royal Army of Britain, which at the time as you know was the largest and most successful army in the World."

"Are aim is to instill a sense of pride in our current troops, all the while reminding them that they currently face a loose group of former goat herders and farmers and definitely NOT the largest and best army in the world."

The wool hat is both impervious to rain and snow, insulates in temperate climates and offers the soldier a UV protection rating of 35 against the affects of sun exposure. It will be available in black for field use and dark blue compliment the Army Service Uniform. Enlisted personnel in the ranks of E-6 and below will wear a plain edged hat, while Senior NCO's will be distinguished with gold piping and officers with an additonal plume of ostrich feathers in corresponding branch colors.

Assistant Director of Headgear Operations at Army Clothing Command LTC David Dumdeldorf added "We figured, what the hell, berets, boonie caps and watch caps haven't done anything for us so far so why the hell not? Plus, as an added bonus, our troops have been training and become accustomed to a worthless piece of headgear already so the pieces just fell into place themselves."

When asked about the practicality of Army Officers conducting combat operations both mounted and dismounted roles with large plumes of colored feathers identifying them Dumdeldorf replied "We have considered this possibility in the field, but after consulting with several wildlife experts we have a high confidence in the fact that both Iraq and Afghanistan do indeed have birds. We therefore theorize that the addition of feathers to the uniform of our officers is indeed a benefit as it will help them blend into their natural surroundings....you know, birds and stuff."

In a surprise announcement, to coincide with the introduction of the new headgear, the Army also announced the adoption of a new service rifle to compliment its headgear choice. The M-1776 is a .58 caliber, single shot weapons system that is optimized for the precise aimed fire that is desired on today battlefield.

"Again we looked at what worked for us in the past and found that the musket, while not the fastest firing weapon on the battlefield, did provide substantial monetary savings in terms of ammo and material cost over other considerations" said Dempsey.

"Our troops have been complaining and bitching about our current 5.56mm rounds not being powerful enough for them" stated COL William Bigbush, Director of Cool Weapons Division of Army Material Command. "While some studies have shown that a round in the 6.5mm to 7mm range might be an ideal compromise between ammo weight and long range accuracy and power, I decided that while on my watch we would do better."

"Forgoing the choice of a 6.5mm intermediate round, I have directed that we now adopt a .58 caliber/ 14.7mm low velocity round for our soldiers. That is more than twice the size that our studies called for!" Army leadership listened to soldiers and felt that after so many grumbling about the effectiveness of their current 9mm ammo selection versus the .45 ACP that they wanted, that the choice of "big and slow" over "small and fast" was an obvious one.

"And besides, have you seen the difference in the price of lead versus copper and brass on the scrap market?" added Bigbush "for years we had been giving that stuff away for pennies on the dollar, now with just one component to acquire, lead, we can save substantially over our current ammo costs."

"Thank God for my finance degree from Vincennes University" said Bigbush.

The M-1776 system offers full spectrum operational ability as well as a proven track record in both intermediate and close range combat. In a continuation of current policy, the rifle will not be issued with a bayonet or other such hand-to-hand capabilities.

"We felt that the addition of a sharpened point on the weapon might send the wrong message" COL Bigbush added "some might see that as a threat and we wouldn't want to put some of our own troops in harms way by trusting them with a sharp blade. We are however experimenting with the attachment of some type of reflective belt system to better reflect our command directives in theater"

Fielding of the new headgear and rifle should be complete by the end of the quarter and will be followed shortly by the introduction of the Modular PT Belt Safety System which will be a 8 piece reflective ensemble fielded for use in combat operations in theater.

"Our studied have also shown a lot of shiny stuff in Iran to blend in with" said Dumdeldorf . When mentioned that our current deployed status was in Iraq, and not Iran, Dumdeldorf added "Iran, Iraq...whats the difference, besides, I pop smoke and jump on the retirement train in four months...continental service all the way mofo's!!" and high fived an aid standing nearby.

EBR Contest 2nd Chance drawing!!!

Joe at Crusader was awesome enough to donate the ST-1 treatment for the contest so I decided to have another drawing for a Slipstream oil & lube kit…

And the winner is….

Keith... Congrats!!

Thanks again to Crusader Weaponry and to all that entered!!

Sha-na-na hey beret goodbye....

The Army has decided to ditch the beret and modify the ACU uniform...

...its a good start, article link.

ACU changes make Velcro optional, patrol cap default headgear

I had to wear the ACU and beret combo, didn't really make me feel special. I admit that the ACU was fairly comfortable to wear and I liked not having to shine my boots and such, but the beret as a functional piece of headgear sucks. Overseas you wear a helmet, patrol cap, boonie cap or other soft headgear such as a watch cap or other. Never saw a beret in theater, don't even think that they were authorized. A former General who shall remain nameless (but his name does rhyme with Sinsheki) gave them to the Army to signify the "specialness" of everybody in it or some crap...the problem is once everyone is "special", no body is.....

The ACU is a decent uniform design minus a few things that they look like they are correcting...

  • Ditch the velcro and replace with buttons...good idea
  • Sew on nametapes and skill badges, velcro on for stuff that changes (unit patches, ISAF crap and the like)...only makes sense and is how it should have been...

Now if they would only get rid of that damn digital pattern.....oh yeah, and I would totally redesign the ACU belt to be more of a stiffer webbing design and mandate that all troops carry and multitool while on duty.

GREAT GLOCK disassembly animation...

This may be the best I have ever seen! Using a G20 is a bit odd, G17 would of been more common but whatever, still a very good instructional vid! Nice job to poloNINJA over on YouTube!

You gotta watch what you buy online…

Caveat Emptor – Latin for “buyer beware”

Saw this product for sale on Gunlistings.org today.  The devise is marketed as allowing you to place a gun where you want it to be accessible.  It does not look to be very sophisticated or made from the highest quality materials or is a very finely finished product, but then again the guy is only selling them for $20 and that is probably an honest price with parts and labor factored in. Don’t want to begrudge the guy trying to make a honest dollar but this following pic from his website that was in his add for Ohio is just wrong…



In Ohio, any weapon carried in a holster in a vehicle by a licensed CCW holder must be carried on their person, not as shown.  As silly as it seems it is fine to have them banging around inside a glove box as long as its closed but in a holster with trigger guard coverage as shown under the dash is illegal.  From the State of Ohio Attorney Generals CCW handbook in the section that pertains to CCW in a vehicle…

“The loaded handgun is in a holster secured on the person”

Instead of being jerk and doing the entire posting hate thing like I have complained about before going on these buy/sell boards, I simply emailed the poster pointing out his mistake.  I did not recognize the area code he had on his site and found out it was from Missouri.  I figured that they probably rock and rolled a different way down there and that was legal in his state.  I pointed out the violation and suggested that he change pictures to avoid any trouble down the road.  He politely responded and thanked me for the information.  See, civility does work on those sites folks.

Bottom line, if you buy something online its YOUR responsibility to ensure that it is legal to own in your area.  Obvious items are high cap mags in California and other places which most people seem to already known.  Other less obvious things may be a wallet holster that converts your mouse gun to a AOW according to the BATF.  I know of one manufacturer on YouTube that claims theirs does not and says that they have an ATF letter to prove it, but others out there might not be so on the level. Anyway, you get pulled over or stopped with one of these and jailed its on you, not the manufacturer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And the Winner of the 2011 Huey’s Gunsight EBR contest is….

KEV!! Congrats Man!

Just so everyone knows Kev is my shooting buddy here in Columbus but to make sure you all know the contest wasn’t rigged I submit the following video for your consideration…

Again, even at its full price of $60 the Slipstream permanent treatment is well worth it as an investment in your rifle…

Thanks to everyone that participated, I had hoped for more than 20 entrants, but please spread the word for next time…


My iPhone is now more tactical than your iPhone…

Thanks to Magpul!!


Yep, the same folks that brought me all of the add ons and tacticool stuff for my AR also make a case for the iPhone.  I guess Chris or Travis or someone else there had an iPhone and wanted a matching case for it to go with all the stuff they make and we get to benefit as well.  In addition to being made by a rock solid outfit, the case works.  It is not something that I would trust to protect my iPhone4 if it fell off the side of 2 story building, but for day to day protection against abrasions and scratches it is spot on.  The case is made of the same material as the original magazine pullers that made Magpul famous and is thin, flexible and strong all at the same time.  It fits the phone like a glove and allows access to all buttons and ports either through properly placed cutouts in the material or via a push button type rubber section on the side.  The phone just simply snaps into the case in a few seconds and is firmly held in place by the case holding on around the rim of the screen. The original iPhone4 cases had issues with the Verizon model of the iPhone4 because the mute button is slightly different than the AT&T version.  That has been fixed, mine fits like a glove although I do have to dig a little deeper with my finger to get to the button, no biggie.  The design on the outer edges not only mimics the ribs on a Pmag but also provide you with a secure grip as well.  `The cases are available in the normal tactical colors such as black, flat dark earth and foilage green. They are also available in a few other colors such as orange and pink (which I got for my wife).  I would think that they should make a case in white for the Mac purists that insist on buying the white version of the iPhone.  I wouldn’t doubt if the boys in Colorado aren’t working on that as I type (well, probably not, it is Sunday after all).  Maybe best of all its only $9.99! Nothing at Verizon was even close to that price and none I doubt would have the quality of this product.

Now, far from being a status symbol of latte’ sipping liberals in Starbucks driving VW bugs, the iPhone is actually a pretty cool piece of gear.  In addition to just being a great multimedia phone there are some awesome firearm related apps for it.  Maybe the most famous use of it in shooting is an attachment on the M110 sniper rifle utilizing it as a ballistics calculator, now that is geeky-shooty cool! ipod-touch-m110_1

There are some cool shooter type games for it as well.  My current favorite is a unique aircraft shooter called AC-130 that puts you in the seat of a AC-130 Specter gunship (“Puff the magic dragon”) shooting at targets on the ground in green and white thermal imaging.  It looks eerily similar to many of the videos released from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan….

From the game…


And from real life…spooky


Anyway, my iPhone is now more tactical than your iPhone so deal with it….or just go buy a Magpul Tactical Field Case….Huey tested and very much Huey approved!!