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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa came early this year...and boy did he...

Long story short....my wife bought me a SKS for Christmas!! Here it is..

Long story, last week I posted my "long awaited" article on the SKS that I had been sitting on for 2 years and stated that it was on my "wish list" and that I wanted to find the right one to buy...to me this meant a Russian model.  My friend Mark just so happened to have his that he was looking to sell and contacted me.  At the time he said he wanted to sell it quick and made me a good offer, unfortunately I did not have the funds available and I thought he was taking it to a gun show for a quick sale.  In the meantime my wife had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and in all honesty I told her I wanted one of these cheap Polish P-64 pistols I had seen while looking up the application process for my C&R license I applied for.  Surprisingly to me she agreed to get it for me.  Well, she put money in my checking account yesterday so I could order one and it just so happens that Mark did NOT go to the gun show last weekend and instead posted a message on the Huey's Gunsight FaceBook page saying he had his SKS for sale.  Cha-Ching!  Didn't take me long to put 2 and 2 together and get SKS as an answer!  It was about $100 more than the pistol would of cost after tax, shipping and FFL fees, but it is worth it in my book.  And that Polish P-64 will be the gun I buy first to "test fire" my C&R licence when it arrives (hopefully in a month or so).  Win!

Mark said it had been sold to him as an unissued 1954 model.  When I first picked it up I went to look at the top of the machine cover - where most Russian SKS's are marked - and found...nothing.

Normally if you look at a Russian SKS from this angle you will see an armory proof and year of production stamped in the machine cover...not on this (apparent) 1956 Tula model

That puzzled me a bit.  Found probably the most detailed site on the web for identifying SKS carbines run by a guy named Yooper John that made me initially think it was an East German model made with Russian parts, apparently a common practice in the former East Germany.  Upon closer examination I have come to the conclusion that its a 1956 Tula Arsenal unmarked "letter model" and may be very well unissued, at least in the Russian Army.   This apparently makes it a somewhat rare variation of the SKS and a good deal indeed!

The Cyrillic letter "I" (looks like a backwards "N" to us English speaking folks) after the "AK 103" (the serial number) and the lightly stamped Tula Arsenal star on the left side of the receiver body is what identified this particular model...

These misc. proofs on the barrel and receiver didn't provide a lot of help, but it appears that one of the marks on the receiver (upper right) and the stock (Right of the screw) are similar, showing that the carbine is all original. 

The SKS came with the stuff in the first pic above to include a standard Russian ammo pouch that comes with most Russian surplus arms it seems, a cleaning kit pouch with the standard Mosin tool (screwdriver and  firing pin gauge), oil can with the usual nasty cosmoline still caked on (they are nice once cleaned up), the butt stock cleaning kit tube and tools (looks brand new), and a detachable 30 round magazine.  While I normally tell folks not to put them on I just had to slap it in last night while examining the carbine to see it in place.  I may shoot it a bit to see if my own thoughts and fears about using it are validated against the standard 10 round fixed magazine. 

Regular SKS...

"Chunky" style SKS...

Overall, I am very happy with this SKS!! Thanks honey for the great present!! I love you!!

Now to get some ammo and bust come caps Ruskie style...

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