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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Regent is gone...

 Sold now...but that doesn't mean I didn't like it!

Sold this week to a pretty cool guy via gunlistings.org.  What? Sold?....I know.  It was time, got another couple of projects on my mind now and need to get the cash together for them...some ideas...

  • Move "up the ladder" in the 1911 niche and review more and more expensive versions of JMB's vision
  • Work on getting a few starter pieces for a C&R collection going  K31, 1903, that Polish P-64..pending license approval
  • 10mm?
  • Finally find a M1 carbine to compliment my CMP M1 rifle...see yesterdays post about the possible Koreans..
  • Explore the world of muzzle loading...

Got a few different routes.  That's the trouble with a blog like this, I try and get some reviews on here since that is what most of my page hits seem to target.  Problem is, not being a big website or anything its not like I get manufacturers sending me stuff to review (note: If any manufacturers are reading this I am open for the idea!).  So what it boils down to is that I am constantly turning over inventory to get newer pieces to examine and review.  Other times I buy a piece that I just don't need..I loved the G26 I got earlier this year, just once the LC9 graced my hip I didn't have a use for another, thicker small 9mm.  Once again I almost never make any cash on them and usually break even on the original purchase price after everything I usually put into them after the fact.  Well, at least it doesn't make me a "gun runner" or anything like that...and again I normally insist on doing business with another CCW holder so I know everything is "legit".

Unlike these folks that got caught agreeing to sell to folks to undercover BATFE agents on the phone posing as folks saying that they might not be able to pass a background check (thanks EDNDO), I always watch my P's and Q's when doing any type of trade involving firearms.  Now from what I heard on the audio in that video on EDNDO's site it was almost like a funny comment one person was trying to say to another...close to entrapment?  I don't know, but the penalties are too stiff for me to even think about going there.

So anyway I go meet with the seller at his business (graphics art studio) and he and I are talking about the gun. After a quick visual sweep of the place and the folks there I was feeling good about the transaction.  The buyer pulls out a wad of cash to pay and I just politely ask him if I could take a look at his CCW card and ID before any money is exchanged  (watching those P's & Q's there).  To my amazement not only does he have the CCW card...but also produces a CAC card as well!  Win!
CAC card

A What card?  A CAC card is a DOD issued ID card given to anyone who works for the DOD including military personnel, DOD civilians and contractors.  Its not an easy card to get if you don't have any business not having one...I should know, for more than a few years I was one of the few CAC issuers in the Ohio Army National Guard and spent many an hour processing requests and issuing the cards to folks.  So obviously my buyer was one of the good guys!  Turns out he works for a company as a contractor (I believe that's his role) that does work making material for DOD entities to include the brochures and stuff for our interpreters overseas and cultural awareness stuff.  He even showed me a copy of the Marine Corps Journal that he had worked on.  Good stuff! 

Anyway, I do have one more post about the Regent to put up that I think some of you might find interesting....I compare it to my old Kimber II at the range!

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