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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random Gun I came across: The Detonics Combat Master

At a home the other day picking up the couple that live there to go to a show when the husband lays a pistol case with this in it in my lap....

Wow! a Detonics Combat Master.  This is the pistol that pretty much created the "micro" 1911 niche with its 3" barrel and bushing-less design.  It is basically a chopped down 1911 with some modifications to make the timing and action work in such a shortened version of the original JMB design.  It uses a multi-spring captured recoil rod to handle the stout .45 ACP recoil as well as doing away with the barrel bushing in favor of a bell shaped barrel muzzle to fit into the slide.  Another prominent feature is the relocation of the rear sight to just behind the ejection port and the removal of slide material to form a gentle slope leading back to the hammer.  This was to facilitate the carrying of the weapon in "condition 2" with a hammer down on a loaded chamber and the rapid "cowboy" cocking of the weapon upon drawing.  Now, carrying in Condition 1 (loaded chamber, hammer cocked and weapon on safe) is the more preferred method these days but for a "compact" pistol (weighing at 32ozs!) this was workable concept in the 70's.

This style of 1911 is now back in fashion with the passage of CCW bills from coast to coast and the renewed interest of daily carry.  Kimber comes to mind predominantly with their CDP line of compacts, but there are other offerings in the market as well.  Carrying 6+1 rounds of .45 ACP, while the weight may be heavy compared to polymer CCW choices, the dimensions lend themselves to daily carry.

I did not get to shoot this particular pistol, and only meat pawed it for a few moments.  Still it was a nice run in with some quality steel.


Jim Jones said...

They are great little carry guns.
The earliest ones are very cool just to disassemble and look at.
I have an early one, first year, 32XX serial number.
Regular production started at around serial number 2000.
It was an Essex frame and slide that was cut down and welded into a compact 1911.
The barrel was also cut down and built up into the cone shape.
Since these were the first of the bushingless 1911s.
Some people MAY look at the earliest ones as cobbled together.
However I look at it as they were all hand build custom 1911s.
I got mine cheap, it had someone early in its life tinker with it.
I am in process of bringing it back to its former functional glory.
As soon as it passes its break in run and I trust it, it is getting some Adams leather and will go into the carry rotation.
Thanks for giving the little guys some love.


Huey said...

No problem...the first thing that popped into my head when he literally dropped one in my lap was "hey, Evil One has one of those!!"...trying to pry it from him for a little range time tomorrow also....