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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lets spread some Christmas cheer for the troops...

Hey folks, had the following FaceBook thread today...

You know, it doesn't matter who you are or what religion you may be...if you support our troops over in the fight against terrorists lets do the right thing and send some stuff to them.  If you don't do Christmas fine, give for Chanukah, Kwanza or whatever...hell, just send them something for the sake of sending something!

Looks like they need basic toiletries...I personally plan on sending some extra thick toilet paper as well as soem pogue bait and toothbrushes....anything we send that they don't use can always be given away to the locals they run into to gain some good will karma and maybe save a life down the road with some good intel out of this exchange.

Oh yeah, when sending care packages to troops overseas, please do not put stuff with heavy perfume or fragrances like soap and deodorant in the same package with food items unless they are individually wrapped airtight inside the container.  I lost count of all the food items we tossed that were contaminated this way...any one for a piece of candy that tastes like Dial soap? No? didn't think so... 

If nothing else, do it in memory of SSG Michael Shank, KIA 28 November 2006, Logar, Afghanistan, for whom the FOB is named for.

SSG Michael Shank, US Army, KIA 11/28/06, RIP

Send you stuff to Everette and he will distribute to his fellow troops!!

Everette Horton
APO, AE 09364

And here is where beautiful FOB Shank is located......

And here is what it looks like on a good day....

yeah, lets help these guys out!!  Thanks to Erik for pointing this out to me!


Anonymous said...

I was at Shank for two years 2010-2012. Always wondered who it was named after (no one knew). Just found out thanks to your posting.

Anonymous said...

Was at FOB Shank for two years. Always wondered who the FOB was named after - no one knew.


Huey said...

Not a problem brother...unfortunately I handled his casualty report for CENTCOM back in 06... Too many places with names like that for my liking..

Anonymous said...

I was at FOB Shank from 2008-2012 and have some pictures I will always keep close in my heart. Made many friends there and lost a few to many as well. To all my Brothers who served at FOB Shank. God bless and you will always be remembered.