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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am corrected..

I received the following email tonight from a reader, Richard, in regards to my recent "Carrots" post...

Huey – I enjoy your site and look forward to reading it everyday.  Your site helped bring me back into the world of active gun use after sitting on the sidelines for almost 15 years (young babies and other commitments).  We now get out shooting weekly as a family event (w/ the younger kids at 10 and 12).  Wife and I have both recently received out concealed carry permits here in VA.

I am not one for sniping at what people say in their blogs – but your comment about “scores of aircraft lost” is just to low to pass without comment.  Try over 4000 bombers lost in WW2 over the skies of Germany by just the 8th Air Force and close 26000 deaths (http://www.taphilo.com/history/8thaf/8aflosses.shtml).  It took years for them to get it right – enough bombers to provide the firepower to hold off the German fighters and the introduction of a fighter that could match the bomber range and take the German fighters head on - the P-51.  There are a couple of great books I read this year on the subject if you are interested.  “The Might Eighth” by Gerald Astor and “Masters of the Air” by Donald Miller (who has also written some good Pacific Theater books).  Please don’t take this as criticism – the rest of your article was dead on and well done. 

Keep up the good work. 
 First off, thank you for the many kind words in your email Richard. It is greatly appreciated to hear that my rants and observations are sometimes enjoyed by others.  Secondly, you are totally correct sir.  The losses of the US Army Air Corps in the European theater greatly outweigh the description of "scores of aircraft" to describe their sacrifice.

I responded to Richard with the following:

Yeah, you're right, sounded fine in my head while typing, does sound a bit "wimpy" reading it now. Most of my articles I write at night after my wife and kid have hit the hay and just pull a random posting time for the next day out of my 4th point and schedule it. Sometimes I am not full in my facilities that late.  Its actually quite shocking to realize how many guys lost their lives up there,. many whom were never recovered. 26,000, that's like the equivalent of 10 full Infantry Regiments just gone. The P-51 was a great aircraft for sure.  I will make a correction on the blog with your comments included (name and email withheld of course) and full credit for pointing that out

One of the first things the Army teaches young NCO's is to "Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions".  A lesson I learned a long time ago.  Without the integrity to acknowledge a mistake or error a system based on teamwork and trust is broken.  Thus it is here, I write it, you read it.  If I am not doing it correctly I would expect to hear from one of you about it.

If I am wrong you can expect me to admit it and make a correction.  If we simply have differing views on a subject I will allow you to voice your opinion here as long as it is done professionally, but I may not agree with it or compromise my original statement as printed here. I do not ever not publish a comment unless its a clear bot response with adds or overly vulgar or profane (luckily I have not had any of those yet).   

Thanks to Richard and those of you that have sent emails or left comments on my posts challenging my opinions or statement of the facts as I see it. 

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