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Friday, December 30, 2011

Huey's Manly Movies #4 - Dog Soldiers

You know what, zombies are quickly becoming so yesterday.  Everyone has a movie or TV show out now featuring them, they are all over the pop culture radar and more and more books are being written about "surviving the zombie apocalypse".  Now werewolves on the other hand...

Got a treat for you to watch...Huey's Manly Movies #4 ~ Dog Soldiers

Date: 2002
Major Manly Stars: Kevin "I am Lucius Vorenus from HBO's Rome" McKidd
Manly Themes: Fighting werewolves, plenty of guns
Plot: A squad of Brit grunts gets hunted down in the Scottish highlands by a pack of viscous, hairy hell raisers with big toothy fangs...

I love this film, just to get this out there right off the bat.  Its got that well-made-but-independent feel to it.  I like the actor Kevin McKidd and loved his character he played in the HBO's series Rome..seriously now, do you think a dude that dressed like this is going to take any shite from werewolves?  nope..me neither.

I am Sparticus!...oops, wrong series..

The films starts with a couple being introduced to coitus interuptus wolfie style, followed shortly after by Private Cooper (McKidd) being chased through the woods by an unseen adversary, werewolves? nope, just some Brit SF types he is trying to avoid in their version of SFAS for what is probably their version of Special Forces, the SAS.  He gets caught by the unit commander, Captain Ryan, who orders him to shoot a dog.  When Cooper refuses, Ryan shoots the dog commenting "if you can't even shoot a dog what use are of you to me?". This sets Cooper off who strikes Ryan, who sends him "back to the squad".  Hmmm, I don't know a whole lot about the Brit Army, but I am pretty sure our SFAS course doesn't work exactly like that...

never did this myself..too far away from the coffee machine and donut box for my tastes...

Anyway, Cooper is returned to being a "squaddie" and in the next scene is shown being choppered into a remote hilltop along with the rest of his squad.  His squad is lead by the seasoned Sergeant Wells who gets to tell a war story around the campfire for a bit in the movie to prove he's "been there".  Oh yeah, I should mention that these guys are in a training exercise where they are trying to sneak past special forces units defending an area...hmmm...seems to be that should be the other way around.  I should mention that they are carrying the Brit SA-80 rifle with blank adapters attached..kind of like this one...

Man, that guy's vids are getting longer and longer...still cool stuff most of the time.  Anyway, they need to sneak by in a deep ravine or some other stuff that they spot on a map..cool.  On the way there they break every noise and light discipline in the book for moving undetected.  They talk, whistle, light campfires, move along the topographical top of a hill instead of the military crest of it (moving silhouetted against the sky instead of skirting it so you are against the background of the hill) and other stuff as well.

Anyway, you see at one point that the squad is being observed by none other than Captain Ryan from the first part of the movie, who is then beset upon by some unseen enemy (OK at this point you know its a werewolf).  Next thing the squad comes upon an obviously over run outpost containing the remains of special forces soldiers and one very badly wounded Captain Ryan.  Cooper and crew quickly ditch their blank firing SA-80 for whatever is lying around with live ammo to include a SLR (Brit FN-FAL), a shotgun  and MP-5 amongst other weapons.  They grab Ryan and start moving out to their evac site when they are beset upon by an "unseen" enemy in the forest.  You know they are werewolves by this point but the film makers only give brief glimpses of them moving amongst the trees.  Matter of fact, during most of the film all you see are brief glimpses.  The scenes that you do see the werewolves in their entirety they move very slowly.  This is because the actors wearing the costumes are on stilts that caused them to be fall hazards during filming. 
bad doggie..bad, bad doggie!!

The squad is losing the foot race with the werewolves with one member being killed after impaling himself on a tree branch and Sergeant Wells having his stomach ripped open by one of the wolves.  That is until a Range Rover shows up out of nowhere with a biologist driving who gathers them up and speeds them to a nearby house.  A siege is started by the wolves against the soldiers inside the house and you eventually learn that the homes inhabitants are the werewolves and also that Captain Ryan was trying to track and capture one of the wolves using Cooper's squad as bait...and then he turns into one and jump out of the house...wanker.

Bleeding bait?...Ryan, that wanker! You gotta admit, the Brits have some cool looking "kit"

Not to give too much else of the ending away but needless to say there is some mano-a-wolfo fighting up close and personal like, explosions, gun play aplenty and a predictable plot twist/surprise in it that ends with Cooper being the lone survivor...and maybe leading to a sequal?  All in all its a great flick to watch on a Friday evening at home...alone...with all the lights off...and the windows and doors locked....yeah, that's the manly way to do it.


Labrat said...

Ahhhh, Dog Soldiers. Kevin McKidd. Awesome film - up there with Big Trouble in Little China.

Labrat said...

Ahhhh, Dog Soldiers. Kevin McKidd. Awesome film - up there with Big Trouble in Little China.