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Friday, December 23, 2011

Huey's Manly Movies #3....The Last of the Mohicans

Week one I profiled a film that included lots and lots of gunplay.  Week 2 found a film sans any firearms at all.  Week 3 now finds a nice mix, a film set with flintlock rifles, knives, tomahawks and even gun stock clubs...a little bit of everything for anyone...

And so without any futher delay, I present Huey's Manly Movie #3....The Last of the Mohicans

Date: 1992
Major Manly Stars: Daniel "I am Bill the Butcher" Day-Lewis, Wes "I am a real 9th ID Vietnam Vet" Studi,
Manly Themes: Frontier Ruggedness, French and Indian war, tomahawks a plenty...
Plot: Three frontier scouts, A Mohican Indian and his two sons (one by birth and one adopted white son..the venerable "Hawkeye") become the protectors for a pair of sisters in the midst of the French and Indian War.  French and Indian War??...by God but that be the birth of them there RANGER Types!!

So where do I start?  The movie takes a few pivotal turns from the book of the same name published in 1826 or so, but its a good adaption never the less.  You want a movie that shows the pure rugged spirit of the American Frontier in the 18th century..this is it.  You got scouts doing what scouts do..travel fast and light with deadly skills in the arts of archery, use of blades and the long gun..as well as being able to track just about anything...you got Brits fighting French, you got siege warfare...you got Indian warfare...you got freaking beating hearts being ripped out of chests...you got a scene where Hawkeye and Uncas use silk to wrap their musket balls in to get a bit more range and accuracy (now thats knowing your weapon!)..and visually its very stunning to boot...the deep woods of upstate New York as the backdrop for the action.

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of this era's most versatile and dedicated method actors, known for not breaking character on and off camera during filming.  To get ready for this part he underwent extreme physical conditioning and went to native American tribes to learn how they would of lived off the land during that period. Matter of fact he did indeed live in the New York forests for several months living in primitive shelters and eating what he could while learning to fish, hunt and skin his own supper. 

More boom-boom in next weeks film, in the meantime enjoy this one!

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