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Friday, December 16, 2011

Huey's Manly Movies #2 - the 13th Warrior

Well just to show you that not every manly movie has to have gun play in it, I present this gem from 1999 that includes many manly elements including Vikings and swords..

And so without any futher delay, I present Huey's Manly Movie #2....The 13th Warrior...

Date: 1999
Major Manly Stars: Antonio "I was in Desparado" Banderas, Vladimir "I am one bad ass, just look at my name" Kulich, Dennis "I look like I am really a viking...'cause I am" Storhoi
Manly Themes: Vikings and, well Vikings...oh yeah, lots of swords and arrow stuff
Plot:  So you're a "player" in the court of the calif of Baghdad and get a little frisky with someone's wife, while you may think this is bad in a place where they cut off your hand for stealing (think what they might cut off for adultery!) if your Antonio Banderas as Ahmed its not that bad...you get to go hang out and fight with Vikings!!

I thought Vikings were fair haired?...Oops. wrong type of Viking...still a warrior though...

Vikings were the biker gang guys of their day.  Imaging an entire race of nothing but outlaw bikers and you get the drift.  Protectful of their own but not the friendliest to others, especially if you were a threat. When the Vikings showed up in the neighborhood it was like when the first check cashing store or gang graffiti tag shows up....time to look for another 'hood to hang your hat.  Really the Vikings were all about fighting.  Their pagan gods demanded blood and glory was brought by warfare.  Their ultimate goal was to die in battle and claim their place in Vahalla...which is like this big Viking biker bar with no cover, free beer and stuff where all your family lineage parties like its 1099.  In addition to fighting the Vikings often did quite a bit of exploring, mostly to find something else to fight.  Their long ships were very successful at navigating across the seas and its now believed (if not proven) that Leif Ericsson and some pals made their way across the Atlantic into North America 500 years before Columbus.  They would have been famous save for the fact that they apparently did not find anything really exciting to kill and just wrote the entire experience off as a bad weekend in Vegas and swore amongst themselves that what happened in North America stayed in North America, less they be call pansy asses by the rest of the Vikings.  To this day the image of a Viking warrior decked out with his weapons and armor, beards and hair flowing still strikes fear in the hearts of many...

Modern Viking? (don't know who this guy is, and somebody on FB said that they might know him and he might of been KIA, either way thanks trooper and God Speed wherever you are!)

The film deals with the story of our hero, Ahmed, being pressed into service as the "13th Warrior" of a group sent to fight an evil so bad that the Vikings dare not speak its name at the far reaches of their kingdom.  There is some hilarity concerning size of horses and swords, just short of everyone whipping out there "little vikings" to prove who is the most likely to win a sword fight.  Between culture classes and him learning to speak Viking in the rain overnight by watching guys talk and make jokes about their wives there becomes a high level of respect between Ahmed and his Viking allies.  The film ends with a climatic stand off between the remaining survivors of the original 13 warriors and the horde of the enemy that starts out with this Viking prayer...I don't know if this is an actual prayer or not...its just damn manly!

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