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Friday, December 9, 2011

Huey's Manly Movies #1 - Where Eagles Dare

Little bit I think I will start today...Huey's Manly Movies.  This will be a weekly selection of a movie manly enough for any of my readers (man or woman) to enjoy.  Generally the themes common to these films will be war, military environments, warriors, guns, violence (sorry folks, explsions gunfire and the like, no Hostel style stuff), rugged individualism or other such manyly traits as I deem fit.  Friday seems like a good time to post as some of you may be looking for some entertainment for the weekend. 

And so without any futher delay, I present Huey's Manly Movie #1....Where Eagles Dare...

Date: 1968
Major Manly Stars: Richard "I banged Elizebeth Taylor back when she was really hot" Burton, Clint "Do I really need to explain why he's manly" Eastwood
Manly Themes: War, military, killing Nazi's, espionage, guys fighting on top of cable cars...
Plot:  American General Planning D-Day is captured by the Germans, taken to a remote fortress to be interrogated, British commandos with Clint Eastwood as the token violent American are sent to rescue them.....a surprise twist developes...and a shit load of Nazi's die.

Seriously, this is an action packed film with a British lean with the espionage thing.  Apparently most WW2 flicks involving the Brits must contain some type of spy element in order to meet some sort of artistic merit I think.  Anyway, one of the gernerals planning D-Day is captured when his plane crashes by the Germans who take him to a very remote outpost in the mountains...because we all know you put very important prisoners in remote, mountainous outposts with limited communications to the rest of the Third Reich that would be hard to resupply or reinforce if attacked by commandos.   Anyway, the plot weaves waaaaay off course from a simple rescue mission when its discovered the entire operation was a red herring hunt to out some German spies in the British Army.  Lots of shooting and fighting...including on top of a cable car like I said above...and Clint being, well...Clint.

Oh yeah, the movie inspired an Iron Maiden song of the same name.....

Side note, Bruce Dickenson, the lead singer for Maiden, is an avid pilot and not only flies the bands custom 757 on tour, but has also flown multiple relief missions around the globe taking supplies into ravaged areas and survivors out as well as ferried British servicemen and women out of hostile combat zones with anti-aircraft missles present in Afghanistan...how 'bout the balls on Bruce!! More manly points associated with the movie.

Until next week, enjoy folks!

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