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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shameless plug again for Crusader Weaponry

OK, get this out of the way...I am NOT a paid or compensated spokesman for Crusader Weaponry LLC or any other company for the matter at this time....they have done me right on the treatment of my weapon in their care and I think that Slipstream is awesome stuff but there is nothing else going on behind the scenes here other than my informal conversations with both Joe and George in online forums and media has led me to believe they are a stand up outfit and worthy of my support on this blog.

Crusader not only brings Slipstream to the shooting world, but is also a world class producer of some fine custom rifles and pistols and can also provide services to meet your training needs as well!  They have even introduced a new and improved flavor of Slipstream called Sliptream Styx that is formulated not only to provide superior lubrication, but also corrosion protection for maritime operations as well! 

On Wethearmed.com a member recently posted the results of some 600 yard groups made with his Crusader Broadsword .308 AR....impressive shooting from both the rifle and the shooter as well!!  Thats an aimed headshot group at 600 yards there..the pistol on the side for comparison is a Keltec P3AT....

Crusader just put out a video commercial here, the real reason for this post...enjoy!

And if you happen to stop by their site and buy something tell them Huey sent you!

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