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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Range time / Testing the "new" 10/22

Had a "man date" on Tuesday with my bud Woody who came back to Ohio from Minnesota for Thanksgiving this week.  What did we do? Shoot of course, like you needed to ask.  This is what he called "gun stew"....

Left to right:  Ruger LC9, Glock G34 and S&W 64 (mine), Glock 23 and Glock 27 (Woodys)...all fun to shoot.

Man, when you think of Minnesota you think of thick woodlands and lakes.  I would figure that guns would be all the rage there and hunting.  Well, in a way they are...apparently as long as its hunting related.  I guess, according to Woody, gun clubs are few and far between and the ones that exist are mostly private and have long waits to become a member.  In addition, if you want to purchase a firearm you need to go to your local LE jurisdiction and get a card or something that is only good for 6 months at a stretch and can only be used to by so many guns in that period.  Seriously?  Thank God for what we have in Ohio!

I finally got a chance to shoot the 10/22 a bit more that I got back from Ruger with the new receiver.  I shot a few rounds through it on Veterans Day, but only a mag worth (about 10).  This time I took a whole bunch with me and just burned through them to make sure it ran like it should.  Had a couple of issues it looked like it was ammo related as the rims were dented, but other than that the little shooter shot like a Ruger is supposed to.  Even took my new BX-25 mag from them out and made it rain .22 brass a bit...

Thanks for fixing it Ruger!!  Nest Stop, Appleseed III!

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