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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More on that Mosin mod gun (aka The Fugly Stick)

Posted in the same thread on WTA as I picked up the original video....

OK, I am not going to mod my M44 but I got to admit I like this thing, don't have a want or need for the folding stock, but everything else screams "scout rifle" to me (other than the weight if probably too high for COL. Cooper's specs)...

I once posted somewhere that for a pure survival rifle (in a scenario when you don't have to fight off hordes of zombies, mutant biker gangs or Chinese Paratroopers) that a Mosin would be a great choice, especially the M38 and M44 versions...they are tough, reliable, powerful, fairly accurate (at least mine is), cheap and ammo is plentiful on the surplus market.  All of the things that you would want in a survival gun...add the scout mounted scope and the thing becomes a very potent tool in your chest in an emergency.

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