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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The M&P bandwagon....

New Jovian Thunderbolt asks a question over at his blog....why are so many people picking up the M&P 9mm all of a sudden?  I haven't necessarily noticed the trend myself, but Kev has gotten himself a couple of M&P's in the past year and I have seen the new VTAC model in more than a few reviews on the usual gun rags and video sources.  I owned a few back in 2008 or so when they were newer.  I loved the feel of them in my hand but after shooting them side by side with Glocks I found the Glock to point just a bit more naturally for me and I liked the trigger more...both added up to slightly better groupings in similar sized pistols of the same caliber between the two (M&P40c versus a Glock 27).  After further shooting comparisons of the two, I went and switched to the Glock and have been happy.   Apparently,  the M&P has grown up a bit and I have read that it now has a better trigger (not as spongy) and trigger kits are also available.  I doubt I will be switching back, but its worth a look I guess.

NJT is a died in the wool wood and steel gun guy who prefers his M1A and 1911 over the plastic alternatives available and is always stymied over the 9mm vs. .45 debate.  I own both and would stake my life on both...as long as I can choose my ammo.  When in the military or other circumstance when I am legally limited to using round nose ammo give me the .45 any day of the week...if I can get a hot +P jacketed HP round I will take the 9mm for increased mag capacity and reduced recoil.

Again, as far as the M&P goes its a great pistol, try it and compare it to other choices and it just may be the gun for you.

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Anonymous said...

Love my M&P Compact 9mm. I have put thousands of rounds through with never a hiccup.