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Monday, November 21, 2011

Huey.......the cruffler?

A cruffler?  A cruffler is the the name used to refer to themselves by a group of firearm collectors that specialize in curio and relic (C&R) weapons.  A C&R firearm is generally one that is older than 50 years, has a certain value as a historic or novelty weapon or is on a list of approved C&R firearms approved for purchase as determined by the BATFE for other reasons.  Generally, the majority of these weapons are military surplus guns that are available for purchase by the general public anyway.  The C&R license (officially a FFL03 license) allows the bearer to purchase these firearms from the seller without going through a normal FFL and paying associated transfer fees as determined by the FFL holder...which may range from $10 to $50 depending on the holder.
 The Polish P-64 I asked the wife to get me for Christmas...C&R eligible if I had a license

From what I have seen the application is pretty straight forward and involves filling out a form and sending in $30 for a three year license and sending a copy of the application to my local law enforcement agency.  Just make sure you are eligible and you fill the forms out correctly and it seems pretty cut and dried from what I have read.  But why?

Well, for one I can have a C&R firearm shipped directly to me to save time and money getting it into my collection.  At one time I started to collect old wood guns but then went on this "minimalist" approach and got read of my Mauser and some other stuff...stupid of me.  I guess now that I think my SHTF gear is covered I am now returning to this appreciation of some old war horses that are available out there.  It doesn't hurt that Otto (while not a C&R license holder himself) owns a ton them and every time he comes out to shoot with the Posse he brings yet another classic piece of wood and metal for me to marvel at.  All I want to do is collect some old military pieces to shoot at the range.

There are some stipulations to having a license as well.  The FFL03 does not allow you to start a "business" buying and selling C&R guns and you must keep a "bound book" with all of your purchases and their disposition if you get rid of them that is subject to review by the BATFE at their discretion.  Also, from the point of issuance forward you are required to log ANY C&R firearm you acquire, whether you have it shipped directly to your home or not.  The M1 I got from CMP before a license is issued...not recordable.  If I buy another or (ideally) a M-1 carbine after issuance and drove up Camp Perry to buy it...recordable.  You take the good with the bad I guess.

I will post more as I undergo the process of applying for the license and let you know how it goes.

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