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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The simple pleasure of a simple rifle...

A FaceBook and WTA friend, Paul, posted this tonight...if you are unsure...its a Mosin.  Paul is big into the Russian stuff being that I believe he is majoring in Russian or something in college and is always posting about Russian food, clothing and (obviously) firearms.

The Mosin-Nagant is a thing of simple beauty.  Like the pic says...don't mess it up with fancy stuff it doesn't need...

The Mosin is a very robust design, treat it well and it will last you well throughout your lifetime.  They can still be had for a very reasonable sum (I have still seen them for under $100) and ammo is still cheap (abet, corrosive).

I took my old friend Dave (or is it my friend, Old Dave?)  out to the range in July and he had fun shooting it...made a few comment on it as opposed to the AR (which he and I used in the Army)...but again, its a simple rifle with a simple purpose in mind...to go bang every time you pull the trigger in such a way you will put a large hole in your target from a far distance.

Yes, the "Three Line Rifle" has weathered the test of time as well as the former Soviet supply system and is alive and well in the 21st century.

Do yourself a favor and go buy one while you still can!!

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JesseL said...

The M44 for which I paid ~$89 is still exactly the way the Izhevsk arsenal made it in 1948 and it's the most hittable rifle I own. The way it shoulders, points, shoots, and hits anything I can see is magical.