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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giving credit where credit is due...

Hey, lets be real, this blog is really not all that great.  Yeah, most of the time I hit one out of the park, but generally my "batting percentage" is probably around .250 - .300 when it comes to posts, good enough to get some attention but not all star material.  I, like many other bloggers out there, simply lack the industry insights and contacts to make paradigm shifting conclusions on subjects and new revelations that will change and shape the shooting world.  We more routinely simply report our opinions on others work or relay info from trusted sources. 

Some in the "gun culture" go quite a bit farther and sometimes way beyond.  There is definitely an "in" and "out" crowd among "gunnies" with much of the "in" hype being directed at folks with sponsored channels on YouTube that make vids of them blowing through a thousand rounds a minute on some exotic weapon, running every tactical accessory known to man on a rifle while covered in digital camo or shooting at targets ad nauseum with Glocks and 1911's.  That's all well and good and I enjoy those folks quite a bit.  But sometimes it takes something a little more to get me going.  Sometimes I need an article written that makes me think about how I look at shooting and apply it to my hobby and beyond.  Finding the people that harbor this inspiration on the net is almost a hobby in itself but rewards you well when you find a good one.
There are sites out there that in my opinion turn out some very good material about various firearm related topics.  While not producing daily content of the volume of some blogs, they produce QUALITY content, content that can be relied upon and is backed up by either documented writing or videos of it being used.  This is good stuff here folks, take a look...

Carteach0  http://carteach0.blogspot.com/

I have spoken of this gentleman before, his post on a minimalist defensive shotgun was forefront in my head when I took a chance at a $150 used 870 that has turned out to be a wonderful shooter in my safe.  His articles on shotgun ammo and shooting form the basis for my training regimen on them.

Again, not a dizzying array of weapons reviewed or anything like that, but the weapons he does review are all solid and he does a good job covering them. 

Every Citizen a Soldier  http://everycitizenasoldier.org/

This is one of my favorite sites.....

When I say "not producing daily content of the volume of some blogs" I have this guys page in mind. He only updates it a few times a year.  But that's cool, because his page is basically a "do-it-yourself" guide on being a modern day minuteman, hence the title of it. And this site is a very good guide in what it sets out to do.  It is almost a perfect guide on being a modern day day militia man and provides the info needed to get yourself started from gear selection, training, skills, logistics and much more. His channel on YouTube, Excurrahee, (the name harkens back  to his days with the 101st Airborne...yes, the same name used in Band of Brothers) has some great vids of his training...nothing fancy, not stuff you will see on TV's Top Shot or anything, but thats the point...its basic.  Stuff that any old Joe with a gun that wants to protect his family (whether that be from a criminal in their home to "Chinese Paratroopers") can do to prepare himself to protect them. 

His articles on line gear selection are really well thought out, informative and entertaining to read.  They will have you thinking your gear selection for a bit I guarantee (we all can't dress as finely appointed as say Nutnfancy for crying out loud).

If you were to venture into my basement on various days you can find me practicing some of the dry fire drills he talks about on his page and some of the drills (sans live ammo) from his vids...

See, basic stuff...but effective in developing skills that you can build on in the future...you actually saw me running my friend Kurt through a "Right!...Left" type drill with an AR in my vid from the last Posse Shoot...and notice how he goes over the top of his pistol to rack it? (one big simple movement using gross motor skills)..check out some of my range vids and you will see me using that quite a bit...

I am not one of those "militia types" that runs off to the woods to train with some paramilitary group on the weekends.  I do hang with some mostly former military types that go camping and shoot on a square range a few times a year, thats it, far from "military training".  If you are into that thing I have nothing against you as long as you don't advocate the overthrowing of a dutifully and legally elected government, then we have problems.  Even if you are not into that type of thing this is some good info.  I personally think that it would not necessarily be a good thing if we mandated military service in this country..it seems after the last period of forced service in the Armed Forces that it took our military a bit to recover and get to where it is as an all volunteer force.  However, in many parts of the world this is still the case.  In those countries most adult makes and many females already have the information that "Excurahee" puts down on paper, as do most Army and Marine veterans in this country.  What is the harm with sharing this knowledge with the rest of our population?  Very, very minimal chance of misuse in my opinion.

Again, the info here doesn't change that often...because it doesn't need to!

I read somewhere on his page that he has something like 100,000 page hits...and I have over 250,000?...that needs to be changed, give it a look people...good stuff, good stuff....

The Michael Bane Blog   http://michaelbane.blogspot.com/

This is as close as I have to an "inside track" on the gun industry sometimes...and you have it too.  Michael Bane is an accomplished shooter and well known host and commentator on firearms for The Outdoor Channel, Downrange TV and can be seen interviewed for shows on the History and Military Channels as well.  If you are a "gunny" than you probably already know of this man and he needs no further introduction....One of the things I get from his blog is how "normal" he is with his shooting outside of his public persona.  You won't find him shooting a minigun from his him (a la FPS Russia) or anything like that, but more likely shooting a S&W Revolver at a Steel Plate match or a Ruger .22 in some other competition...the same stuff you or I have access to...and that's just cool.

So there you have them folks...three of my favorites.  These are not the only three sights I visit on the web, just three of my favorite that inspire me to keep on doing this little hobby of mine sometimes...and I hope they inspire you as well.

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