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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

“El Stabby”….CETME bayonet

Had lunch with my old buddy Otto last week and he brought me a surprise courtesy of ebayonet.com….a bayonet of course.  This one was for my CETME that he had shot with me a few weeks ago at the Posse shoot.  When my wife saw it she wanted to know just why I would need that. I had to explain to her that collecting these rifles also included gathering the “bits n’ pieces” that would have been issued with them, hence the items such as magazines, mag pouches and other stuff that robertrtg.com has shipped to me….I don’t plan on fixing bayonets with it and charging across the field to pig stick somebody.  You know, rifles are sometimes like Barbie dolls for guys…you got to have the accessories. 

The blade is a “bolo” design with the top portion of the blade closest to the point being slightly wide than the rest of the blade and would be slightly better at chopping and slashing in the hand.  It mounts with the edge side of the blade facing upward so it would not be used in a traditional slashing attack with it attached to the rifle and would be a purely thrusting weapon.  Its got a proof mark that I assume is a Spanish armory marking.  The bayonet is in very good condition and seems to even come with a brand new scabbard for it.  It attaches to a lug that sits on front of the cocking tube (I believe that is the correct name of the part).  Thanks to Otto I now also know that this lug can be removed by depressing two detent pins and contains a small tube about 4” long that has a cap on one end and can be used to store a small cleaning kit, just a pull chain with brush actually, but still cool to know.

Thanks Otto!!


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