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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In case you haven’t seen it elsewhere already, this guy has come up with this cool little camo program that will do the following according to the creator:
CamoPicker is a program that allows you to select camouflage colors based on pictures of your actual environment. The idea is that you provide a picture, and the CamoPicker selects from 1 to 12 dominant environmental colors from the photograph. At that point, you "visualize" your selected weapon.
So basically you upload a pic and it will camo a rifle suitable for that environment.  Let’s see….
Gave it a pic of my backyard taken from my deck to use and here is what it came up with (using Krylon’s color pallete, Duracoat, Cerecoat and Federal Standard 595B are also included)…..

Well, I just so happened to have painted my AR with Krylon Fusion paint this week (before I heard of this app) and this is what I came up with on my own….

You can check out the app yourself by downloading it from here…

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john said...

If you crop the photo so that there's no sky, you'll get a better representative set of dominant colors. There's also an update posted that now includes a new Rustoleum paint system, as well as a combined Krylon/Rustoleum paint system.