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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, October 24, 2011

The best things in life are (almost) free…

Took a little detour home to the LGS that I recently bought my used S&W 64-3 .38 Special revolver a few weeks ago.  I said in the original post that I thought this store and C&G must be getting their pistols from the same place since the price and models were the same.  Well, IF I was right that supply is coming from the Ohio Department of Corrections.  The store had a large box of holsters, another of speed loader holder WITH speed loaders in them and another stack of blue S&W boxes that the pistols came in, all marked Ohio Department of Corrections.  Well I guess that solves that riddle…

Cost?  Well, the box I should of gotten when I got the pistol….$2.  Safariland 200-9-91 holster which normally goes for $100+…..$9.99!!  Dual speed loader pouch (compare new at $25) and TWO  S&K model 10 speed loaders (new $10 each)…about a $55 value…..$9.99!  Holy cow!!  I got a holster and 2 of the speed loader pouches with speed loader for $30.  Yeah, they were used and showed signs of wear (nothing a little saddle soap and polish can’t fix) but for the price I couldn’t go wrong.  When I got the pistol I bought a single speed loader for $10 (they did not have this stuff out at the time) and now for twice that amount I got 4 more plus carriers…that is a good deal anyway you slice it. 


All of this for $30…crazy!


“fits like a glove….” Don’t worry about the wear marks, little love and saddle soap/polish and it will be good as new – not like I NEED a holster…but what the heck…

IMG_0340When James over at Hellinahandbasket talks about his former students buying guns that they could afford this entire purchase string starting with the gun and continuing through the accessories falls right in there with that philosophy.    The model 64 is a great durable gun and at $279 it is obtainable for a lot of people that couldn’t plop down $600+ for a “normal”, new pistol.   The 4 speed loaders is probably more than most people would need for defense in the home, but at the price they are hard to pass up.  Matter of fact I might just have to pick up a few more…just to be on the safe side.  Match this pistol with the $150 shotty I bought there (also a police trade) and for less than the cost of a new Glock you have a formable defensive “arsenal” for the average homeowner.  Matter of fact with these two bang sticks I am as well armed as most duty cops were up until the mid 80’s on the streets of most major cities…

Man that’s amazing, “as well armed as most duty cops were”…in some countries you can’t own the same weapons, or even the same caliber of ammo, as the police and military…in others, well every 11 year old owns an AK…..

But yeah, I am as well armed with the S&W and 870 as Officer Tackleberry here…

And just as a side note, the late actor, David Graf, that played Tackleberry in the Police Academy movies is from the Central Ohio region like I am and also graduated from the same, small Methodist school, Otterbein College, that I did a few years ago.  Coincidence? maybe…..

Used isn’t necessarily bad folks…and its always cheaper to boot!

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The Zombie Hunter said...

I love revolvers! the .38 special has a lot more options these days for ammunition and I enjoy shooting them.

simple, reliable, fun.