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Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Alive Day Gary!!

They see me rollin', they hatin'

Today is my friend Gary's 8th anniversary of his "alive day" while serving in Iraq.  From his FaceBook page:

"8 years ago today I survived my attack in Iraq. HOOOAAHHH it's a great day to be alive! Never take life for granted and live it to the fullest because you never know when it's going to be the last!"
Gary and I met while we were both stationed at Ft. Knox after 9/11 while serving in Operation Noble Eagle.  He worked in the Battalion S3 (Operations) shop while I worked in the S1 (Admin).  He was the owner of "Boggsnet" in the barracks where we all basically stole internet access from him since he was the one person on our floor not too cheap to pay for it.  He later went on to volunteer to by a LNO (Liaison Officer) for the Ohio National Guard to help bring back lessons learned from units overseas to units here by actually participating in operations with deployed units already in theater.

For those who don't know, an alive day is when you celebrate an event that could have taken your life, but didn't.  Gary's occurred while, ironically, on his was to his R&R leave while attached to the 4th ID from the Ohio National Guard.  His vehicle was hit by an IED planted in a curb in a median of a highway and took out the vehicle he was in (it was not an armored HMVVW as you can see from the pics).  The blast cost Gary his left eye, left some "souvenir" fragments in his arm and also caused a case of TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Thanks to the docs he got an artificial eye and thanks to the military he got a medical retirement.  So yes, the IED did take a soldier out of the war, don't worry about him though...it will take more than some Iraqi turd pusher with some explosives to put him down for good!
Gary eventually found his way after some hard times and is now a motivational speaker and works with a group that champions wounded veterans.  His story has been told by the likes of 60 Minutes and USA Today to point out the challenges our wounded veterans face after returning home.  He lives down in Florida works making sure other veterans are afforded the care and services they rightfully deserve.

Happy Alive Day Gary!!

Some dick head planted an IED here...notice the beautiful Iraqi countryside...
Thankfully, Gary wasn't signed for the truck...they did try to charge him for his body armor and weapon though...

Gary lounging around at the expense of the taxpayer...he especially enjoyed the sponge baths from his special friend "Nick the Nurse", or so I have heard...

Gary "at work" with Jessica Alba...she agreed to have his baby, or so I have heard...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Gary! We miss you here in Ohio. I hope all is well. MAJ Call