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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dragon M3 improved M2 .50 MG…..twice the fun in just one gun…

So there is this company called Central Wisconsin Armory with these guys who figured “you know what, we could probably take a M2 and double the firing rate…man, that would sound cool”….and it does!!

The company claims the weapon is 11% shorter and 22% lighter than a standard M2.   The overall maximum range is shortened a bit by a shorter barrel but the effective range stays at 2,000 meters.   The company claims its intent is to deliver more kinetic energy to a target with the same weapon system, which would be very helpful in say trying to stop a VBIED headed toward a checkpoint at a FOB.

Some specs from the company’s website…

Length w/ barrel 56"
Weight Gun 57 lbs.
Weight Barrel 12 lbs.
Caliber 12.7x99mm (50BMG)
Rate of Fire 900 Rounds/Minute
Barrel 36" Fluted/Stellite Lined/Threaded
Flash Hider 360 degree occluded
Feed Right Hand/Left Hand
Safety Sliding Detent/Quick Throw

While there have been other variants of the M2 that have had a higher rate volume of fire  than the standard M2 as well (the rate of fire on the M2 was limited on purpose to allow for longer sustained fire), this is  a good attempt by a company today to revisit this concept and apply it to our operations now.

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