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Friday, September 2, 2011

CETME is in “the shop”…

Got a package today in the mail.  Remember that ejection pattern problem I had with the CETME? The one that was rooted in brass ejecting to the side of the weapon at 1000 mph? Well this little gizmo should fix that permanently….


It’s a G3 brass deflector.   The fit of it on the CETME ejection port leaves a bit to be desired as is, it seems the folks at CAI have a bit of a lip on the edge of the port whereas the G3 does not appear to have that.  I have asked the welder I dropped it off to grind that lip down before they attach the deflector.  After its said and done I hope for it to look thus…


I had a removable deflector on there before that snapped over the top of the rifle and did the same function, problem is that it interfered with me putting a scope mount on the rifle.  At twice the cost of a 5.56 round, I want every .308 round I put downrange to go where I aim it…my eyes are just not that good enough anymore to trust that to without a scope!

Both “port buffers” are available from http://robertrtg.com/, who has a whole mess of goodies for your G3/CETME.

More info later after I get it back.

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