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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bore Snake maintenance…

Some of us use a Hoppes Bore Snake to help clean our firearms.   I was first introduced to them in 2006 while undergoing mobilization training by my good friend Woody.  The idea is simple, a nylon rope with bristles that drags snuggly through a bore. 
You can roll a snake up in your pocket in the field and then run it through a couple of times to remove fouling quickly.  Its application for the military are obvious, and its use for the recreational shooter is just as obvious.
But what do you do to do maintenance on the item that you use to do maintenance on your guns?  Well, the Cheaper Than Dirt blog posted just that answer on FaceBook today…genius!
Today’s Tech Tip: Cleaning your barrel with a bore snake drags a lot of fouling through the barrel over and over again. Eventually the snake gets so loaded up with gunk it loses efficiency. Don’t throw it away! Roll it up inside an old tube sock, tie the open end of the sock off, and throw it in your washing machine by itself. The next time you use it, you’ll notice an improvement in how quickly it does its job.
I knew you washed them in a washer, but the idea of using an old sock to keep them unraveling is great.  As for people wondering if washing them will get your washer all smelly with gun oil scent…I soak my cleaning rags in some water and Lestoil before washing, rinse them out, wash them in the washer and my wife has never complained!

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