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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Took my 1911 apart down to the frame (detail strip) last night, just for the hell of it. I think if you own a 1911 you need to do this at least once just to say you have. It may not be much but I think you can get a better understanding of the design by seeing how the parts interact that are hidden from view. Tell you what though, I Really think the "series 80" safety is not needed in the design, thanks lawyers!

After taking the 1911 apart you can appreciate the simplicity of the Glock design when putting all the bits and pieces back together. Please no Glock vs. 1911 flame wars!

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Mark said...

Holy cow. I was thinking about a 1911 as my first handgun but after seeing that...

Pretty sure I'd lose/break something the first time I broke it down.

Huey said...

hey now, don't be discouraged against getting a 1911 because of me, they are great guns. That is a full detail strip in the pic, most people only will ever really need to field strip their 1911, while a bit more complex by a hair over some other designs, is not hard at all.

The tricky thing with putting a 1911 back together is the small parts that you must install by passing a pin through them, people with large finger and clumsy folk be warned...

still a 1911 is the gunners equivalent of a hot rod, a ton of parts available for it..

I will have a full review on my new Regent 1911 posted in the next day or so, part of the reason I tore the pistol apart (again) was that I forgot to take a pic of all of those parts the first time I did it!!