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Friday, August 26, 2011

Slipstream...defusing bombs?!?!

Yes, its true...indirectly but still....

I don't hide the fact that I like Slipstream lube and am casual web friends with the guys that own the company. I don't get compensated from Crusader to pimping it on here but that's cool, if I don't get paid to say its awesome sauce then it must be true, right?

Anyway, Joe has always been open for sending this stuff to the troops and I have been involved in a couple of drives to get it them myself. Hell, still have the link from my less than spectacular last drive on the right hand column. Now, fresh off of the WTA boards is a testimonial from a troop in A'stan that is using it for, of all things, maintaining his EOD robot that is used to defuse roadside bombs in lieu of putting a warm body in harms way...how about that!

Hey guys, I have a few words to say about Slipstream.

I am an EOD technician currently working in Helmand, Afghanistan. I work with Nightcrawler actually.

Gundoc sent me a few bottles of Slipstream oil and a bottle of the Slipstream grease. After Slipstreaming every weapon and knife I could get my hands on, I decided to see what other field applications Slipstream has.

So one day as I was cleaning the gunk buildup from one of our bomb disposal robots' arm, I decided that a new lubrication was in order. I promptly cleaned then greased every moving mechanism of the robot arm. I have to say it was a wise choice. Not only does the arm become less gunkified,(technical term) it moves smoother and overheats less. A properly working and smooth running arm is, obviously very important when you are disabling IEDs. My favorite part is that it somehow doesn't get covered in dirt like everything else out here.

Here is a picture of it in action (editors note - pic below)

Once again thanks to Gundoc for sending me a wonderful product. This is another reason why I am purchasing a custom build Crusader Weaponry rifle with the full Slipstream treatment.

I keep a running tally of things I have Slipstreamed in Afghanistan;
5 different M4's, 3 different M9's, 1 M240B machinegun, 1 M203 Grenade launcher opening grip, 1 "Ma Deuce" 50cal machine gun, Multiple folding knives and 2 different bomb disposal robots. Currently working with one of the Marines into letting me grease his constantly jamming MK19

That is one hell of a testimonial. You can always help out the cause yourself by purchasing a bottle for the troops when you go and buy another for yourself.

Everything is better with lube....

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