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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shot timer app for your phone...free

So, I was on the WTA boards and found a thread on shot timer software for your smart phone. A shot timer? Yeah, you know those boxes that they hold up behind your head in competition that record every time you shoot...a shot timer. Well, Surefire (the same folks that make great flashlights and tactical lights) has one for free for the iPhone called simply ShotTimer.

Its basic and apparently works. With the sensitivity at 100% you can test it by either clapping or speaking into the mike. The buzzer can be set to go off at a random time after you hit the start button so you can use it to time yourself also. The buzzer does not seem to be too loud but I bet with a pair of noise canceling earmuffs that pass low level sound through a microphone it will be fine.

**Update, found another great post by Carteach0 on this same subject posted Sunday night!

ShotTimer for the iPhone is available via the app store on your iPhone.

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