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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poll Results: Should doctors be able to ask about guns in the home

And the resounding answer is “NO” from my readers in a 9:1 voice, 455 nays to 56 yays. 

After reading a comment I decided to look at this issue a bit more in depth in my spare time and have decided that if a doctor has reason to suspect some type of psychological reason that a gun would be a bad thing in a patients home that they should ask the question after other observations.  I understand their desire to try and educate patients about healthy habits and lifestyle choices, including firearm ownership, but for your run of the mill GP or family doctor, I still don’t think that asking that as a routine part of your check up interview isn’t really pertinent unless they start asking about every other activity in your life like xtreme sports, skydiving, airplane vs. auto travel and the like. Besides, if you are like my doctor and are expected to see 60 patients a day when is all this time to talk supposed to come from.  Its bad enough that it seems like some nurse or med tech actually takes most of the observations (weight, blood pressure ect) and history and the doc comes in and just looks it over, taps me a couple of time, tells me to lose some weight and dashes off to the next billing item, er…patient.

Obviously if you are seeing a mental health professional for depression, psychosis or other mental disorder, this question should be part of the initial screening.  I think its “funny” that there is a big dust up about mag capacities and the like in the wake of the Arizona shootings that injured Rep. Giffords but not much is being said that the guy had been seen by a “shrink” and there was nothing allowing the doctor to tell anyone that he was psychotic and put him on some sort of list to be flagged for a firearm purchase.

Kind of a case not of whether the cart is put in front of the horse, but whether its allowed to move regardless of its configuration if you ask me.  

And in a related vid, Peter Frampton and the remaining members of Humble Pie performing “I Don’t Need No Doctor” recently…this song rocks…

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