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Thursday, August 25, 2011

More on the G34 from Top Shot

There was some copious Glock bashing on the Top Shot FaceBook page today about their choice of the G34 for competition and Glocks in general...for example...


"Glocks are overated and cheaply made, I know of several issues with them and have never liked the way they feel or shoot, in Indiana's USPSA shoots, maybe 1 person uses a Glock, they are being replaced in a lot of PD's by Springfield XD's or S&W M&P."

"Glock sucks..........SIG SAUER all the way..........."

"Plastic garbage, that's what I think of the Glock 34."

Where does all that hate come from? Come on folks, there's a difference between speaking your honest opinion and blatantly bashing a firearm on unwarranted merits. "Plastic Garbage"? really? Is that why many of the biggest Police Departments in the country still continue to use them? Sig and S&W DO make great pistols, but that is not what the show was about. It was about using a Glock...why choose Glock? Why not, it is one of the most highly recognizable names in the industry and has a well established base here in the US. What do you think people are going to pay more attention to on the show...shooters using a well respected and know pistol like a Glock...or shooting targets with a 1919 Ortgies 7.65mm? I thought so...

Now there are a lot of folks on the same page as me defending them. No Glocks are not perfection as they claim...I think ergonomically and aesthetically they leave something to be desired..but functionally I have have very, very few issues with them going bang after thousands of rounds through mine.

Here is the vid from the show that I got the still from yesterday...


Anonymous said...

Hey man, just found your page and I like your comments about the Glock. I own & compete with a 17. I pull the trigger, it shoots. I see some guys out there that have spent $1000's of dollars on there guns and have all kinds of problems with them. The people that are praising XD's and M&P's really need to look at the design, because they are almost exact copies of the Glock. MY GLOCK SHOOTS, PERIOD.

Huey said...

Thanks for the kind words and welcome!