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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monster Hunter...me?...where do I sign up!

Went to Barnes & Noble today and, lo and behold, what did I find...

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia!

This is the latest book in the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia, who I became aware of via his interaction with the We The Armed boards, and I cannot wait to start reading it. Larry himself is an accomplished shooter in his own right and his books are known for their detailed descriptions of firearms.
Larry Correia doing some field research for his next book....

The Monster Hunter universe takes place in modern times when vampires, werewolves, gansta gnomes (RIP G-Nome), trolls, Afghan orcs that jam to heavy metal, zombies, white trash elves and entire races of other creatures exist in the shadows of our modern world. The government is aware of these entities and pays bounties to "hunters" who take care of the issues that their own monster eradication agency cannot. The series is well written and Larry has been nominated for the Campbell Trophy, which I believe is the Sci-Fi version of a Pulitzer. So far there are 3 books in the series...

Monster Hunter International: Owen Pitt is a rather unusual guy with a unusual problem. His boss turns into a werewolf in front of him and tries to kill him! After giving his boss his own version of a subpar performance review he is approached by Monster Hunters, International to work for them eradicating the beasts that lurk in our midst. Own joins just in time to face an ancient evil that only he has the power to stop...or does he...

Monster Hunter Vendetta. Owen is an established member of the MHI family in this series as the entire organization faces threats from both outside and within. A dark organization attempts to appease an ancient evil at Owen's expense which he takes some severe offense to. There are links to MHI's past and secrets revealed along the way that lead to one of the most thought provoking images of an Orc wreaking hell on evil hordes that I could ever imagine...rock on Skippy!!

Monster Hunter Alpha. By the time you read after it posts tomorrow I will have hopefully have read the first chapter at lunch. It appears that there are some problems with werewolves in "that state up North" from me here in Ohio. Makes sense. As any true Buckeye knows, not much good comes from Michigan.

I really enjoy the series. I don't read that much anymore, or at least as much as I would like to. This is one series that I have made time to get read and I am glad I have. No, its not perfect in my eyes, I always thought Owen was written a little "too good to be true" with his unique set of capabilities (huge, underground fighter, IDPA champion), but that's just me. It doesn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the series at all. Matter of fact, as well written some of the background stories on some of the characters are, there could be entire side projects of books written in the universe. I, for one, would love to read about Skippy and his family before they joined the MHI family. SKIPPY ROCKS!!

Go ahead and take the series for a spin, you'll be glad you did! I like them so much I even went and bought a MHI patch to be sew on some future piece of gear yet to be named

For more info join the Monster Hunter Nation HERE.


Mark said...

Edward = BA

The only problem I had with the series is that Pitt seemed too perfect in MHI. However, it's evened out with him getting his ass kicked nonstop so it works out.

Alpha is sitting by bed now, waiting for me to finish trudging thru Game of Thrones.

Have you read Hard Magic?

Huey said...

yeah, same impression about Owen...but never thought about the even out thing with him always getting beat by Franks and every large goon in sight....haven't read hard magic, trying to get into reading a book every month or so just to keep my brain in check...spend so much time writing on this and a few other side projects that reading has taken a back seat....and yes, Edward is a bad ass...still Skippy is my man!

Innocent Bystander said...

Skippy totally rocks. Speed metal playing while flying a Hind-D