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Monday, August 29, 2011

LCP Vs. P-3AT: Another view from The Box O' Truth

A little over 2 years ago I did a post on the LCP vs. the P-3AT. Little did I know that that post would be viewed thousands of times and become one of the most popular posts on this blog. For those of you keeping up with my shooting life, I had a P-3AT, sold it to a friend and bought another friend's LCP, stuck a laser on it, sold it to a guy from work this year for his wife and have recently taken back up with a P-3AT. What can I say, life (and guns) changes pretty quick around these parts.

My opinion of the two pistols still hasn't changed much, I like both and consider both adequate for a up close and personal defensive pistol. Using the proper ammo (such as Hornady's Critical Defense line) in either of the pistols should not make the carrier feel under gunned, as long as he knows the limitations that these smaller pistols present. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that lasers and fancy sights on a pistol like this is of little value, as they are designed for very close combat indeed. That's not to say a nice pair of sights wouldn't be wasted, I have been able to get very good groups from the LCP at 3 yards or so using the basic sights on it. A little dab of bright paint on the front "bump" of either will go a long way to improving your ability to pick up a fairly usable sight picture on them.

Anyway, this post isn't about my thoughts on the subject per se.

Over at The Box O' Truth they have done their own side-by-side comparison of the LCP and P-3AT. I don't talk about the Box much on here (or ever now that I think of it), but they are in my bookmarks/favorites list for a reason. They do "real world" penetration testing and the like that is valuable info to use in blog fodder research.

They pretty much come to the same middle of the road conclusion I do about these pistols, either works fine enough for what it is. The Ruger is a bit more polished and the slide lock back (manually only, not on an empty mag) is nice for administrative chores, but both do the exact same function when called into action. This should be no surprise since the LCP is basically a direct copy of the P-3AT, but its nice to have another set of thoughts on the subject matter.

Thought some of you that ended up here looking for my comparison of the two would like a link to theirs. Nicely written (a lot shorter than my prose) with plenty of pics. Worth the read.

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