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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kel Tec is good on its word...

Spoke last week of my woes with the used P3AT I picked up and its extraction problems. Emailed Kel Tec last Monday with my issue and they responded the same day saying parts were on the way. Those parts came last Friday. Immediately noticed the piece of spring steel that sits on top of the extractor to provide tension is much firmer than the one I replaced. Going to try and get it to a range this weekend to see if that fixed the issue.

So far, Kel Tec has done what they have promised to do. Thank you for standing behind your product, even after the explicit warranty expired as I explained in my email that I picked it up used.

Other businesses, please take note.

1 comment:

RMark said...

Kel Tec has been outstanding re; my P3AT.
A broken retention spring for the take down pin on one occasion and a replacement for a weak extractor has made the item run like a top.

They send parts quickly and the website is helpful.

I would expect your experience to be the same.