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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to clean a Glock in your lingerie....

Wow, how did I miss this on Every Day No Days Off yesterday?

For those folks that think weapons maintenance is a good means of foreplay...

Man, she has it all wrong...her take on the Glock grip is wrong...there is no way that patches run down the barrel like that are going to do anything serious to remove carbon and she uses way too much oil on the pistol....yeah guys, there is a pistol in this video...

Other than that she does a good job with trigger discipline and other aspects of cleaning it.

Now that the first video has your attention and just so there is some learning point from this, here is a good video on how to properly lube a Glock (with Slipstream of course) using the 3-2-1 technique. Glocks are designed to run this way, too much oil or grease collects dirt and carbon more than bare metal.

And yes, that is the same guy, James Yeager, that is being ripped by EDNDO for his other video showing one of his classes shooting at targets with a photographer downrange. This video is solid, end of story. And this is the method instructed by Glock, so it is correct.

And no, I won't entertain any jokes about lube in conjunction with the first video...

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