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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gun geeks vs. computer geeks…

I had to hit up my local computer superstore last night for a couple of items.  Its been a few years since I really had some time to browse in a computer store that wasn’t attached to a Best Buy or what have you.  The place I went is called Microcenter and some of you may have been in other locations of may have seen them online.  Its about the only game for a large computer store in Cbus anymore…all of the CompUSA stores closed a few years back.  I actually worked as a manager in one of the CompUSA stores for a bit and work in the IT world now.  I used to be a hard core hardware geek and still have a bunch of stuff in the corners (and all over the floor) of my basement to prove 

                      Computer geeks                         vs.                 gun geeks..


I’m sorry, what has been seen cannot be unseen!

Once I got into shooting some years back now all of that time and, more importantly, money that I had to spend on the computer hobby transferred over to the shooting hobby.  This blog is a by-product of that this hobby as proof.  I have been spending so much time around gun geeks the past few years I forgot what my computer geek brethren look like! OMG what a difference….different but the same.  While the gun geek worries about little things like connector brands, whether trijicon or meprolights are best and the merits of the 1911 vs. Glock; the computer geek worried about the performance of two different video cards with the same chipset, whether one mobo is better than another, and clock speeds vs. data bus speeds.  Its all basically the same thing.  Its been said that “its only minor surgery when its NOT happening to you”.  Same thing here, when its YOUR hobby you pay attention to the details.   I guess that’s why I like picking apart The Glades sometimes…that and its an easy target. 

Anyway, no disrespect to either gun or computer geeks…I am the offspring of both of you.

And I did find this little gem while I was there…it looks to be one of those energy gels disguised at an IV bag with, what else, ZOMBIE BLOOD!

IMG_0557…and don’t ask me how it tastes, didn’t get any.

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