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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Glock tape job worth mentioning…

stock picHave you ever seen those tape kits that you can buy for Glocks and other pistols? You know the ones that are basically like skateboard or ladder tape cut to fit specific parts of a pistols surfaces and usually come in either a sandpaper or rubber texture?  I have used them on many of my Glocks and just as a way of mentioning it, they work really well.  The adhesive the company uses is strong enough to withstand a good amount of use but easy enough to take off without marring your weapon if you need to.

I generally do my grip panels and then the one small piece that goes at the end of the slide behind the cocking serrations.  I have to be honest and tell you that I have always thought that Glock could make those a bit more “bitey”, especially when you consider how smooth the Tenifer finish is on their slides.  The little oval of textured material not only makes racking the slide easier but is, in my opinion, gives the edge to the shooter if a “tap-rack-assess-bang” type malfunction is encountered by giving that little “oomph” that might be needed in gripping that slide.  As I said before, the tape hangs on their well enough with the only risk of coming off being if something were to move along the surface of the slide and get under the edge of the tape and lift it off the surface.


The cocking serrations tape job on my G19 and G34..

Kev liked the idea and I lent him what was left of one of my kits so he could cut out his own little ovals out of some of the spare material I didn’t use.  He did that and then some.  He actually cut small strips from the material and put them in the grooves of the cocking serrations themselves.  Wow, talking about thinking outside the box!  The best thing about his design…it eliminates the risk of something inadvertently bumping the tape and lifting it off the slide as the tape edges are now recessed!  Look at the big brain on Kev, Good Job!


… and Kev’s new and improved take on the tape!


Kevin Delaney said...

It may not be factory pretty but it does work great!!!

Thomas said...

Not IDPA-legal ... doh! Otherwise I'd do it.

Kevin Delaney said...

Really? why not!