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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Generation gap....Glock Style

OK, counter to what I posted earlier I give you this....thankfully this didn't take much effort to do...just a repost of a Hickok45 vid showing him shooting a G19 from each of the first three generations of the Glock evolution, Gen1 through Gen3. Gen4 is strangely missing...hmmmm

I know I have said it before, but if I was forced to get rid of all my guns save for one, it would be the G19. I know, I know...I seem to have a tendency to say stuff like that and then dump a piece for the next shiny thing that comes along, but I do love the G19. Great balance of size and firepower, able to be used as a duty sized or concealed piece, 15 rounds of 9mm (which if utilized properly with ammunition designed for the task at hand), ability to use larger mags and attache lights, a simple and robust design that I can actually understand and work on...it makes for a very good argument for a SHTF type weapon.

Then again...a good 1911....hmmmmm. Oops! There I go again! No, seriously, the G19 is a keeper.

Anyway, enjoy the vid....more substantial piece later this weekend as promised.


Anonymous said...

He certainly shot a Gen 4-19, gen 4 rocks,great gun.Many many times.
Check his videos.

Huey said...

Oh, I know he has shot one...seen the vid, just thought it strange he would do this without including the Gen4...it was just posted last week.

There are some bad rumors running around about underpowered and light 9mm rounds not cycling with the dual recoil assembly but I do have my doubts on these claims. Shooting bud Kev has a Gen4 G17 that has not failed to fire with any ammo in it. Also, the recoil system is a direct port of the system used in the "Baby Glocks" which include the 9mm G26 which are not known as picky about ammo. I suspect that a lot of these rumors (like many stories about "bad guns") are at least partially derived from bad ammo (reloads, bulk ammo made to poor tolerances, bad batches on recall lists dumped for cheap and rehocked at guns show, ect) and not the gun itself.

Just my 2 pennies...