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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crossed a bridge the other night….

…between my wife and my CCW license.


Went to the Bratwurst Festival in her hometown of Bucyrus, Ohio last Friday night after taking off early from work. Bucyrus is not exactly a high crime town, but being that robbery and burglary seem to be on the rise there (due to high unemployment and an increasing drug problem – probably brought on partially due to the economy) and the fact that street fairs attract people that carry cash I thought it wise to carry that night. I knew we wouldn’t be going into any bars or anywhere else I probably wouldn’t be able to carry legally (at least for now until September 30 when new laws go into effect in Ohio) . I grabbed my little Kel-Tec .380 in a pocket holster and stuck it in the front pocket of my cargo shorts. It is almost indistinguishable from my iPhone I normally carry in that pocket due to its size and weight. I carried the entire evening without anyone noticing or even really having to adjust it in my pocket holster or anything. I would occasionally just give a pat on the outside of my pocket just to confirm it was still there. We ended up leaving the town about 9pm to drive back home to Lewis Center (I live just North of Columbus, OH).

Dui_checkpoint_t230On the way home we encountered a DUI sobriety check point. When I saw it my first reaction was to tell my wife to turn and take another route to which she was like “you don’t think they have another on the other road, what are you worried about?…”. Well, what I was worried about happened about 30 seconds later. We pulled up to the stop, the officer leaned into the window, greeted my wife looked at me with my hands on the dash and my drivers license and CCW in my hands and I said “Officer, I am required to inform you that I have a CCW and that I am armed at this moment, what are your instructions?”. The wife shot me “the look”. You know the one. The one where boners go to die look, the one that screams “oh, we WILL talk about this”. The officer was actually really cool about it. He told me to keep my hands where I could see them, obviously knew my wife had not been drinking and told us to drive safe and motioned us forward. Definitely NOT the treatment we would of gotten in North Canton….

Of course a conversation started from that point for a few minutes about why I had a gun and whatnot. It was not as bad a conversation as I saw coming in my mind, or she let me off easy and didn’t unleash her fury. The next morning she asked me what I did with the gun to which I replied that I locked it in the safe, of course. She said something to the effect that “well you know chances are the time you need it you won’t actually have it on you”. That really got me thinking. I love my wife and really depend on her. To let her get that entire situation dropped on her was not right, I need to correct that. Also, with he logic it makes more sense for me to be open about my carrying habits. After September 30 I will be able to legally carry in Ohio to restaurants that serve alcohol and other places and will probably carry much more than I do now due to that fact. Also, now that we have breeched that subject I think maybe I will look into some type of a gun safe in our bedroom to keep one closer than locked up in the basement while we are sleeping. My “hood” is not bad when it comes to crime, other than some teens steeling beer out of garages apparently and some minor vandalism, but you never know. Why do criminals target nice neighborhoods? Because that’s where the nicest stuff is at!

Now, its not like my wife didn’t know I had a license or that I sometimes carried. I just didn’t tell her I was carrying that night so it caught her by surprise, which didn’t surprise me because I never tell her when I am carrying to begin with. I know, that’s not right, I should be telling her every time we go out that I am armed. Its kind of complex why I do not, but lets just say that for several reasons she is not a “gun girl” and you will probably not see her at the range with me at any point in the future. I keep stuff about my hobby and CCW to myself or tell her just what I think she needs to know at the time. After this weekend, that is going to change. Now if we go out as a family and I am carrying I will let her know just so she isn’t caught off guard again.

My wife reads this blog occasionally and is actually one of my biggest supporters. Sorry honey, I have not been up front with you about this before. In the future when I carry you will know. The fact that you know I am carrying will not affect my decision to do so, but I hope you realize that I take it seriously enough to do it for the safety of us and our kid and that when I do carry I do it safely, responsibly and correctly according to the laws of Ohio.

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