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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, August 26, 2011

And another one gone...

My mom sent me info last night about my Great Aunt Elinor's obituary that was in the Washington Post...I found it along with this obit as well....

Retired Col. Charles P. Murray Jr., Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 89

Really kind of sad, our nations heroes from the Greatest Generation are passing away quicker and quicker and no major media outlet takes the time to at least give casual mention to the ones that may deserve it the most. Sure, there were a lot of MOH winners that made it home from WWII...a lot more people involved as well as a lot more chances to do so, but still I would think that the passing of a MOH winner would warrant more notice. Then again, maybe I am just a bit more biased towards veterans than the average media member.

RIP Colonel. Say hi to Elinor for me if you run into her...

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UncleMike's1897 said...

Thanks for posting this (I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise). It is indeed sad that ongoing coverage of Steve Jobs' retirement and other shallow stories which pass for news today are getting more attention than the real heroes from past and present.

After reading Col Murry's obituary I just had to go to Wikipedia (Charles P. Murray, Jr.). There is an excellent writeup about him, including his Medal Of Honor citation.