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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snappy Cow

As most of you know, I will occasionally post a cartoon from PowerPoint Ranger here. I find his take on military life often mirrors my own. His artistic style does not take itself too seriously, yet allows him to create and portray a vast number of military stereotypes with great affect. One of the ongoing gags in the series is the inclusion of "Snappy Cow" drinks in many of the cartoons. Snappy Cow is the creators satirical version of the many "energy drinks" available and consumed by our service personnel overseas and here at home. In an occupation where long hours and fatigue are par for the course, the inclusion of caffeine in the diet of the soldier has been a constant. Soldiers on both the North and the South during the Civil War subsisted for long periods on nothing more than coffee and hardtack (a VERY hard biscuit/cracker concoction basically made of flour, water and salt cooked until dry) and maybe some bacon fat if available. Today's soldiers often are not used to drinking coffee and the sweet, almost soda pop like flavor of the energy drinks appeals to them. Probably the most famous energy drink is Red Bull, hence you can see where Snappy Cow gets its name from obviously. I often drank the local Kuwaiti version of Red Bull that was 1/2 the price in the PX that we called "Red Camel", not bad.

Anyway, here is a cool twist on the story. Snappy Cow became such a sensation with the troops that the creator of PPR has actually started making an actual energy drink! How cool is that, an idea born out of a comical reference becomes reality! I have spoken via email with the creator of PPR and Snappy Cow and it appears a test sample may be on its way to my humble home (bunker) so I hope to have a hands on review for you in a bit.

Click on the can to order your Snappy Cow!

In the meantime he is selling cases of the stuff for $55 (US) to include shipping to any US residence or APO box. I know, its a bit pricey to buy in bulk, but that is shipping included and comes to just a bit over $2 a can, which isn't that bad compared to other energy drinks. I found out through John, the creator and owner, that creating order sizes smaller than a case will drive up the price at this point in the business, so for now a case is it.

Snappy Cow, a veteran run company selling energy drinks to the masses.....good luck troop!

For more info check out their website.


Ryan S. Poley said...

I just got my case of Snappy Cow this week! It is awesome! Tastes great and priced just right! I am looking to get him some sales out here in San Diego markets...

Larry said...

You couldn't give this shit away to me. He's been using government time and equipment (which you taxpayers pay for) to make this. I will NEVER support any soldier who values waste, fraud and abuse over the Army values that he/she is supposed to live.

Anonymous said...


Stfu,how can you say he's committing "fraud" when you don't even know the person or where the funds are coming from. For all you know this is his savings he's using to do this... oh also if your going to bitch..go bitch about the army wives who are cheating, getting drunk, and doing coke gtfo bro.. just gtfo.


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