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Friday, July 22, 2011

Poll: Should your doctor be able to ask you or your family about guns in the home?

Does your physician ask you about your ownership of firearms during an exam?  Most seemingly now do. 

doctor gun

“Enjoy this gun show doc” little Billy said with a smile…..

I knew our family doctor was doing this already because she had asked me myself this same questions.  When my wife got home yesterday after taking our 9 year old to her checkup she let me know that they had asked my daughter about them as well.  She also indicated that the intern who did the questioning did some leading with the questions, I guess to try and get my daughter to admit that I had guns just lying around the house.  To her credit, my daughter truthfully told him that not only did Daddy have a gun, he had lots of them and that they were kept down in a locked room inside a safe in the basement and that she knew not to touch them. Way to go baby girl!!

But why would they ask in the first place?  Well, according to an ABC new article from earlier this year

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a gun in the home is 43 times more likely to be used to kill a friend or family member than a burglar or other criminal. The best way to avoid firearm injuries and deaths is not to own a gun. Parents who do own firearms should keep them well out of children's reach with trigger locks activated and the ammunition stored separately.

Well, the best way not to die in a car crash is not to own a car too. 

Down in Florida the Governor just signed a controversial bill that basically outlawed doctors from asking such questions concerning firearms to their patients unless they had very good reason to believe that the issue was immediately relevant to the safety and health of the patient.   I applaud this measure.  In my opinion medical professionals should stick to just that, medicine.  The fact that I own a gun cannot be used to make a determination about the well being of my family and I unless that doctor has first hand knowledge of the conditions in my household and how guns are kept, maintained, stored and used….which she does not.   Besides, last time I visited my doctor she was so busy attending to all of the overbook appointments that she had to maximize billing that she barely spoke to me at all.  An also, since when was a doctor a certified firearms instructor that could give me or my family advice or training on firearm safety….very few would be able to qualify if that were the case.

So, new poll…doctors asking about guns…yes, or no? You choose.  Poll will run through the mid August.

The law did pass….

1 comment:

Thernlund said...

I answered yes, they should be able to ask. I think a lot of people aren't seeing the real picture here.

Anybody should be free to ask anything. The doctor should be able to ask about firearms in the home, just as I am free to be offended by the question and not answer, as I am free not to see that doctor anymore.

Now really... who wants to go about infringing on the right of the private business man (in this case, the doctor) from operating his business as he sees fit, hmm?