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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now I really LIKE this idea....home defense safe from Sentry Safes...

Saw this on The Firearm Blog today....

Is a gun safe designed for home defense by Sentry. Really good idea. Most folks that own multiple guns have some type of safe (I hope) or other locked storage for their firearms. This not only keeps them out of the hands of children but also out of the hands of burglars or home invaders if it comes to that. Due to the size of most of these safes and weight the majority of folks put them in their basement or possibly garage, as moving them can be a hassle in tight hallways and they will often warp simple wooden floors with their weight if sat in one place for an extended period of time.

These locations make the practice of keeping all of your weapons locked up and secure while at the same time also making them accessible in case of emergency difficult. Many companies sell smaller safes or bedside holsters for handguns and even shotguns and rifles, but these are often not advisable for households with children. Yes, you can buy a cheaper, smaller stand up safe for long gun storage in your bedroom but these are often made of cheaper material and do not blend well with a bedroom decor. I think that a good quality safe with clean lines might just be what I am looking for. What I see with this unit is a simple exterior with a unique door design which would allow it to be placed in a corner by a bed and sit there unobtrusively. If sentry is smart they will offer these in different colors to match, compliment or accent some common paint schemes found in typical homes. If not I guess a good coat of paint wouldn't hurt.

I currently have a safe in my basement and normally do not sleep with a loaded weapon nearby as my neighborhood is relatively safe. I know, I know....more of a compromise with the wife and her feelings on the subject than anything else. When the neighborhood gets that bad we will move anyway. I have thought about getting one of these wall mounted safes for our closet...

..but that is only a partial solution as it still requires me to move to that location to access my gun.. The Sentry system seems to be a very good idea indeed, maybe good enough for "Household 6" to buy off on, depending on the price.

Check out the link at the top to view the original post over at TFB and it also includes a vid.

Like it, like it a lot....

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